TV Review: Lewis Series 8 Episode 3: ‘Lions of Nemea Part 1’

Lewis was back on form this week. reviews

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Rating: ★★★★☆

This week’s episode saw us right back in the midst of a Lewis story of old. There was blood, there were tears and there was the University in the middle of it all again.

“The boys” flung themselves into this week’s mystery of the murder of a post grad student who’d been out jogging and turned out to have a lot of secrets. Amongst the usual Lewis staples of passionate affairs, cheating dons and relationships that aren’t quite what they seem, we were thrown into the world of drug dealing. Perhaps it was a little too conveniently linked to Hathaway’s latest case or perhaps it will become more relevant in the next episode – we shall see.

It was nice to return to the University this week, as it felt lacking in the previous episode. Lewis and indeed Morse were always about the relationships student and professors seem to have with the public. A generalisation, I know, but something that nonetheless feels right in Lewis territory. And of course with the University comes more fabulous shots of the city of Oxford. Something that should be praised more highly in Lewis is the fabulous location filming that they do. It’s one of Lewis’ signatures that has made it so attractive and something that the Morse prequel Endeavour has emulated successfully in its past two series.

One element of the episode that I found particularly odd was the ganging together of the girls this week. The nods from both Laura Hobson and Jean Innocent towards “the boys” and Maddox’s place in the team felt a bit misplaced. One of them, perhaps, but I think we had all grasped by this point that Maddox was staying and that she felt more comfortable with Hathaway and Lewis. Although saying this, there was a nice little moment when Maddox remarked that she had two bosses.

Maddox herself seems to be developing well as a character, although this reviewer worries that she will become more of a sideshow towards the end of the series, as the relationship between Lewis and Hathaway has been repaired to full strength. It is yet to be seen, of course, so may not happen.

We left our detectives in what seemed to be a neat little place with many of the clues coming together. It will be interesting to see what remains to be revealed in the conclusion of the episode next week as ITV billed this week’s episode as being one of the more baffling cases to face the team. It has yet to reach such heights but unlike last week’s episode I yearn to find out what the conclusion will be, especially considering the fresh murder we saw at the end.

Sadly, though we have already reached halfway through the series, just as it seems to have got back into its old swing. That’s the problem with these split story series – how I loathe them.

Oh well, bring on next week.

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