Cop a feel with Coppafeel

To celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month tells us about the importance of ‘Coppafeel.’

Photo courtesy of Coppafeel

Photo courtesy of Coppafeel

Let’s talk about tits.

Talking about boobs can be an awkward thing. Be them big, perky, small or waist height, they all need a little bit of looking after. At the Uni Boob Team, we want you to disassociate your ‘chesticles’ with chicken fillets and sex, and replace that image with a more, shall we say, hands-on approach. At the risk of sounding like a chat line, the boob team want you to touch yourselves.

The York Uni Boob Team is a branch of Coppafeel, a charity focused on raising awareness on knowing one’s own breasts. The organisation was started by Kris, who, when diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 23, made it her mission to raise awareness for the cause. She visited her GP after discovering a lump, 6 months before her formal diagnosis, however due to her age, this possibility of her having cancer was overlooked. When she returned, her cancer, which having advanced to stage four, had spread to her spine. Kris may never be cancer free, but through her hard work UBT are able to spread her remarkable message, and reward her for her strength.

Breast cancer will affect an eighth of all women during our lives, and 400 men each year, with these statistics continuing to grow. The York UBT’s aim is to ensure you put your hands up your tops to get these terrifying numbers down.

The theme this year is #whatnormalfeelslike so they want you to get to know your boobs. Most women spend an average of 30 minutes on the toilet everyday, so cut out the daydreaming ladies and make this rather disproportionate statistic into a more efficient use of your time. But of course we don’t mind where you do it, but do please get it done, yet public transport may not be the ideal spot for the less adventurous amongst us. No one has to see, and nobody even needs to know, so warm up your hands and get involved. Once you know #whatnormalfeelslike, check for changes with our online guide at Now remember, if in doubt, get it checked out.

56,000 people are reminded by Coppafeel to check their boobs each month, so you can join in by texting UBT York to 70500 for your free monthly text reminder, with 20% of Boux Avenue sweetening this already boobtastic prospect. Please visit the Uni Boob Team to register your word and sign up to Coppafeel. The #Whatnormalfeelslike campaign has already had a range of ‘marshmallowy’, ‘bumpy’ and even ‘male’ so don’t be shy, honesty (at least in this instance) is the best policy.

Keep your eyes open and your hands free on Monday the third of November, as Boob Week begins! The York UBT have a variety of TITillating events in store for everyone, to raise awareness and smash our fundraising target. Look out for members of the Uni Boob Team at the York Parties nights during the week, every penny counts! Join the Facebook group to keep yourselves updated with all boob-related news.

My Mother now has cancer for the third time, however this time there is nothing that can be done about it, very much like chewing gum in the hair. It moved like a newly single female to a tub of Ben and Jerry’s around her, until it changed itself and sits in her bones, even her skull. Like with most patients, we can deal with the scarves, we can deal with the chemo, with the mystery that is medical language, but what we can’t deal with is the thought of losing her. Cancer won’t wait until you’ve met the goals you aspire to. It wont wait until you’ve had a fabulous career, it won’t wait until your kids have left home or you’ve gone to Bora Bora like you always planned. It will shock you and stop you, so help us by helping yourselves. It’s better to blush than the alternative.



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