York Dominate Local Derby

York show gulf in class in securing a win against local and divisional rivals

York Women's A
York St John Women's A

York Badminton Women’s A bounced back after a loss away to Sheffield Hallam to record a comfortable win against local rivals York St John University.

Janet Li set York on their way with an imperious performance in her first match. Li moved her opponent around with ease, and used the drop shot to great effect, taking the first end 21-10. The second end saw Li continue her dominance, again showing a deft touch to record an even more impressive victory, taking the game 21-4 and immediately putting York on the scoreboard.

It was a different story, however, for Gerda Vedegyte. After an edgy start to the first end, with both players making errors and a despite wonderfully executed drop shot, Vedegyte struggled against a powerful opponent. Questionable leaves by both players had to be made up for, but it was the opposition who came through the first end with the victory. Vedegyte showed flashes of quality at the start of the second game, but her usually dependable smash deserted her, and when her drop shot did the same, it made for a bad combination and a 21-10 loss in the second end.

York’s Doubles partners entered the fray, and looked immediately more cohesive and competent. The two partnerships raced into early leads in their first ends – Alison Cannon and Eleanor Sinclair were leading 10-4 and Alice Garcia and Charlottle Whiting were ahead by 5 points.

Aided by the spaces York St John gave them to aim at, Cannon and Sinclair took the first end in no time at all and were soon taking the initiative in the second. Very little, other than occasional individual errors from the York duo, was there to give YSJ hope, reflecting in a dominant 21-6 score-line in the second end.

Garcia and Whiting gave a wonderful exhibition in doubles Badminton, showing power from the back of the court when on the defensive and intricate net play during the quicker of the rallies. They took the first end 21-7, and the second soon followed and put York 3-1 up at the halfway stage.

Returning for her second match, Janet Li continued where she left off. A good start for Li was countered by a gutsy fight-back from her opponent. Both players showed excellent power in their shots, but Li’s superior technique and agility won the first end, 21-7, against an opponent who relied mainly on power. The second end followed the same trajectory. A good start from Li saw her take an 11-4 lead, and gave her enough breathing space to play out the rest of the end despite some battling points from the opposition.

On the adjacent court, Gerda Vedegyte was enduring a punishing encounter. One too many errors saw her opponent take a comfortable lead, meaning Vedegyte’s late efforts were in vain as she lost the first end 20-22. When the second game arrived, Vedegyte looked to be more positive, being more aggressive in her shots and finding the space she had manufactured for herself and taking the second gruelling end 23-21. Just when it seemed that Vedegyte was growing into the game, her opponent pegged her back immediately. The final end saw Vedegyte lose to 19 in another marathon match.

The Doubles pairing picked up where they left off after the first round of matches. Cannon and Sinclair played a blistering first end, taking it 21-3, a score which, surprisingly, could have been worse for York St John. A breakdown in communication between York’s opposition and a gripping display of power and precision meant York ran out 21-10 in the second end and took an unassailable lead in the overall standings.

A lightning start from York’s other pairing – Garcia and Whiting – saw them go ahead immediately, and an excellent display from thereon in saw them stay that way, taking the first end 21-4. Individual errors did start to creep in during the final game; however they were not nearly frequent enough to make the win anything other than comfortable. Garcia and Whiting took the second end 21-13, and sealed a consummate and important win for York Women’s A.

Captain Alice Garcia spoke to Nouse and seemed in good spirits. “I love my team. It’s good to get wins, and this gives us confidence for next week.”

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