TV Review: Lewis Series 8 Episode 2: ‘Entry Wounds Part 2’

Despite an implausible ending, the spirit of the old Lewis is back… and Hathaway’s shirtless. reviews

Entry Wounds Part Two

Rating: ★★★☆☆

This week saw the second part of the first of three stories for Lewis’ final series. Last week we left the newly qualified DI Hathaway in a bit of a pickle both professionally and personally. Professionally his verdict on a murder case had just gone out the window when the main suspect had been killed and personally he was struggling to get on with both his old boss DI Lewis and new sergeant Maddox. But thankfully it seems that dear old James has come to his senses this week and realised that he needs both of them.

Indeed this week’s episode was a lot more satisfying – it felt more like the Lewis of old. Character-wise Lewis himself was back into his full swing – it felt like he had never been away. Maddox stepped up to the mark with important leads and became altogether more likeable in this episode. Even Doctor Hobson found it in her heart to accept that her Robbie was back off chasing after “the bad guys” against her better judgement, and with that, it was business as usual for our Oxford crime fighters.

The case itself took many different turns, leaving you in a sense of disbelief as to which of the cast was the murderer – but then again, it wouldn’t be Lewis if it didn’t. Importantly, however, it also touched upon important issues; the idea of assisted dying and its consequences for families featured heavily in the episode. Lewis has always touched on serious issues that we all face in life and it was good that this was once more brought into the mix.

The ending, however, didn’t really seem that plausible. The murderer seemed to be on the fringe of what was going on and even Lewis and Hathaway seemed a little perplexed as to her reasons behind killing the victims. Though the more detailed scientific evidence seemed to play an important role in the final reveal it all felt like the killer had gone to far too much trouble to conceal themselves and it appeared to me to be inconsistent with the character’s back story.

The episode had one surreal moment when the gang took to the pool – or more accurately Hathaway took to the pool. Whilst this moment was certainly not unwelcome to a certain part of the Lewis fan base it did seem utterly unnecessary in the plot. Although the little follow-through in the next scene with Hathaway “disposing of the evidence” proved to be one of those small moments that Lewis seems to do so perfectly.

However, the best part of the episode was probably the ending, with Lewis and Hathaway sat in a canoe together, paddling down the river. This was a poignant representation to the audience that Lewis and Hathaway are now back on the same page and that they have reinstated the relationship that we have all come to love in the past seven series. After last week this reviewer was concerned that we had lost the Lewis magic – perhaps I spoke too soon.

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