Tales From The 22: The end of an era

takes a look back at the last two years, as the 2012 intake waves goodbye to Nouse Sport

Nouse Sport team 2013 14 DO NOT DELETE

What great teams spring to mind when you talk about the end of an era? Is it the Spanish football team who won three consecutive international tournaments? Perhaps it’s the England cricket team that reached number one in the world and won three back to back Ashes series? Or maybe it’s Dave Brailsford’s enigmatic cycling heroes from London 2012 and the Tour de France?

All great teams come to a natural, organic end and as this year’s Nouse Sport team ride off into the sunset we’d hope we’ve left behind some sort of legacy that can be looked back on fondly.

Okay, perhaps comparing us to the England cricket team and Iker Casillas’ Spain is slightly over stating our importance. Actually, it’s like comparing a prized race horse with the old nag that loiters in the field next to campus. But that’s probably quite an accurate analogy for our beleaguered sports team. We’re always there, you don’t really notice us and you can’t quite remember how long we’ve been hanging around.

After two years of stellar work, the majority of the team are moving on to greener pastures (I’ll stop the horse analogy now, promise) and we’re leaving our precious section in the hands of new and exciting talent.

Our tenure has seen some amazing highs and some pretty depressing lows, not least spending 12 hours in the office laying up the Roses supplement after spending two nights on dodgy lecture room floors and watching York be roundly beaten by Lancaster.

But amongst those late nights in the office being fuelled by energy drinks and takeaways, there were some sporting highlights that will stick with me long after the taste of stale pizza has faded.

Watching the opening ceremony of Roses 2013 in the Huntington Stadium, reporting on the men’s cricket firsts astonishing win during Roses 2014, the College Cup, the insane sports days and Fantasy Football.

All of the stress and the heartache was worth it to be a part of campus sport.

And as I sit in the office being serenaded by James Blunt, I can honestly say I wouldn’t trade a moment of it. Well, most of it. The 72 hours without sleep after Roses I could have done without.

So, here’s to the old team and here’s to the new team. It’s one of the best teams to be a part of.

Except perhaps Andrew Strauss’ England side.

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