NOUSE turns 50!

Fifty years ago, a couple of students decided something was missing from our campus. We could get as much news as we needed from the “Real World” outside, sure, but none of it came from a student’s point of view, and precious little of it covered the news going on in our own back yard.

So they pulled out their typewriters and got to work. Things have changed since then. Editors have come and gone. Colleges have sprouted up around us. We’ve grown a few new sections. There’s a lot less Communism and protesting, and a lot more recessions and mobile phones.

However, we like to think that the general ethos of great, university-oriented stories covered by frazzled writers using rudimentary technology remains the same. Even now, new writers are stepping forward, providing the time and the effort that keeps this beast ticking over (and getting some great experience and experiences out of it, too).

So thank you – to the writers who make our articles, the artists that brighten our pages, the editors who cobble the whole thing together, the alumni who’ve made our history, and you – yes, you, the reader – for justifying our continued existence. Here’s to another fifty!

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