Does leopard print hit the spot?

Our verdict on the popular autumn trend

Year after year, the same fashion trends rule the runway and iconic magazines dish out advice to avid readers on what to wear this season. During winter, blues and glitter are expected, preparing enthusiasts for the festive season. Spring brings florals and pastels, summer calls for neons and that golden glow and finally, autumn is all about the burgundy, leather and of course, leopard print.


Leopard print is a love it or hate it kind of trend associated with either high fashion brands or man-thirsty cougars (and I don’t mean the animal). Originally seen as a symbol of wealth and status, the bold print soon made it’s way into the high street with convincing replications of styles off the runway. Surely this staple on Autumn’s hot list must have some justification behind it. Perhaps it’s the sheer boldness of wearing an animal as clothing. Fashion is an industry known for taking risks and making a statement through what you wear and how you wear it. However, it seems that every year the integral rules of fashion are broken. Colour blocking emerged a few years ago deliberately shattering the rule that no two plain colours being paired together. Sandals and socks, two things that together I think create the devil himself, have also been paired up as seen on the Burberry, Hermes and Alberta Ferretti runways. Does leopard print necessarily break a fashion rule though?
Whilst it may not break any existing rules, there are definitely some outfits that should be burned in every sense of the word. It’s acceptable for a red dress to be
paired with a red coat (although questionable), but an outfit completely made out of leopard print just goes too far. A full-on leopard print outfit, is no longer an ambiguity of whether they are wearing Roberto Cavalli’s latest creation or going to a fancy dress party. Take Nicki Minaj’s Grammy’s outfit, for example: even those who view her flamboyant outfits as an expression of her vivacious personality know that it would never be seen in an edition of Vogue.

When it comes to leopard print, less is definitely more. Rather than a full on outfit, wearing one statement piece transforms a drab outfit into something chic. A scarf, a pair of loafers, or even a printed coat can have a massive impact. Think of it as wearing a bold red lip. In the same way, wear your leopard print coat but don’t pair it against more bold colours and prints. It may not be the easiest trend to follow, but when you find the right balance you might even be spotted by Anna Wintour for getting it spot on.

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