Derwent and Langwith announce anniversary plans

Both Derwent and Langwith are organising student committees to help plan the 50th anniversary celebrations

Preliminary plans have been revealed by both Langwith and Derwent Colleges as to how they plan to celebrate their 50th anniversaries.

The colleges, which are the joint-oldest at the University, were opened on 22 October in 1965 by Queen Elizabeth II.

Photo credit: Nouse

Photo Credit: Nouse

Fiona Polack, Principal of Langwith College, outlined some of the College’s plans for Nouse.

She said: “There will be a grand celebration weekend in September 2015, and throughout 2014-15 and 2015-16, there will be anniversary talks, exhibitions, and competitions.A 50th anniversary is a chance to both reflect on the first 50 years, and launch the next 50 years; Langwith College intends to use its anniversary to establish an ongoing legacy for the future.”

Polack added that the College is holding an alumni reception in London early next month.

Eleanor Brown, Provost of Derwent College, also shared her enthusiasm regarding her College’s anniversary.

She told Nouse: “This is a great opportunity to celebrate the vibrant community that has made Derwent what it is over the years. It also provides a space for students to interact with alumni and for networks and collaborations to develop.”

The College plans to set up a leadership scheme and bring some of Derwent’s alumni back to mentor existing students in areas that interest them.

Both colleges are establishing student-led committees to oversee the planning for the anniversary’s events. Interviews for Langwith’s 50th committee took place last Thursday, with Derwent’s organised for this week. Full-time interns were hired by both colleges over the summer to start planning the festivities.

In response to the plans, Sam Maguire, YUSU President and former Chair of Langwith College, told Nouse: “I am really excited to be involved with all the celebrations in the College, particularly meeting alumni and hearing about their experiences in the college system at York.”

He went on to say: “An important part of the college system’s progression is strengthening their links with alumni and ensuring that they remain involved and integrated with their college. Both Derwent and Langwith are putting together amazing programmes of events and they should go a long way to fostering the alumni relationship that is desired.”

Events will be held by both colleges leading up to the official anniversary weekend, scheduled for October 2015, with further plans to be revealed soon.

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