Halifax dominate to win league opener

Halifax recorded a comfortable victory over Goodricke in the Tent as college netball gets underway for the term

Image: Aggie Torrance

Image: Aggie Torrance


Halifax dominated the scorecard to produce a comprehensive victory over a new-look Goodricke team in the opening match of the netball autumn league.

Halifax got off to a strong start, taking an early 2-0 lead despite constantly changing possession. Despite a few calls for footwork against Goodricke, they worked hard to take their first point, 2-1.

However, it was Halifax who proceeded to dominate the first half, successfully completing a number of interceptions and rapidly passing the ball up the court to take a solid lead. An eager Goodricke fought hard but miscommunication between them and the strength of the Halifax opposition combined to give Halifax the leeway to extend their lead and end the first half at a comfortable 7-1.

Again, Halifax came out strongly, taking the first point of the second half within seconds and then scoring a further 5 goals to give them what seemed an insurmountable 12-point lead, 13-1.

Goodricke refused to give up and pressurised the Halifax side, making it difficult for the attack to score by constantly knocking the ball out of play. A Goodricke side line gave them the opportunity to pass the ball up court and take their first point of the second half, 13-2.

However, Halifax continued to dominate and extend their lead further, their quicker reactions allowing them to pick up loose balls sooner and intercept Goodricke throws across the court. Their strong shooting partnership scored a further five goals to end the game with an impressive 18-2 victory.

After the match, Halifax captain Lottie Hyett told Nouse, “It’s the first game of the season and although we have three new players, everyone gelled really well as a team. I’m really pleased with the outcome and am looking forward to next week.”

Meanwhile, an upbeat Goodricke captain, Emily Drake, stated that she was “really proud of the team. It’s the first time we’ve all played together and we’re already well connected. I’m really proud of everyone’s efforts.”

Halifax: Hyett(c), Currey, Woodings, Evans, Figgis, Thomas, Sutherland-James, Whiteoak.
Goodricke: Mann, Furness, Freake, Turner, Wright, Drake (c), Cryer, Tassone, Gonsalves.

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