AstroSoc aims for the final frontier

Following in the footsteps of such luminaries as Neil Armstrong, Yuri Gagarin and Howard the Duck, one brave (and plastic) member of York’s waterfowl community plans to cross the final frontier and head to space, with the help of our local AstroSoc.

While this is but one small step for man, it’s a significantly larger step for a rubber duck, which has no actual legs to speak of. AstroSoc are currently endeavouring to raise the funds needed for this expedition, from generous students willing to help the University of York stake its claim to the universe. This should, at least, help us with our issues regarding accommodation space.

Will AstroSoc’s next mission involve sending Greg Dyke to Mars? Will astronauts soon be menaced by stumpy, waddling explorers hissing through their spacesuits? Will Peter Capaldi ultimately be chosen to play the twelfth rubber duck, in a shock casting decision? This editor waits with bated breath.

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