YUSU assess disability access in its official club night venues

Venues which host official YUSU club nights are taking steps to become more accessible to all students

Venues which host official YUSU club nights are taking steps to become more accessible, including improving wheelchair access for disabled students.

Photo Credit: YUSU

Photo Credit: YUSU

On 22 September, delegates were sent to all official YUSU affiliated clubs to assess how accessible they are. The team, comprised of representatives from YUSU, York Parties and Callum Dziedzic, Goodricke College’s Disability Representative, examined the changes clubs have already made and suggested possible improvements to access.

Many clubs are located up a set of stairs, which make the bars inaccessible to wheelchair users. However, the venues are also affected by planning permission restrictions, meaning that solutions like lifts or wheelchair ramps may not be possible.

Despite this, the clubs have said that they will do what they can to help all club-goers have a good night out.

Thomas Ron, Disabled Students’ Officer, told Nouse: “I am naturally very happy that the clubs we are working with are taking such a proactive attitude and making the fixes required.

“They have been a pleasure to work with and I hope we will continue our cooperation for a long time.

“I am also happy that Goodricke College with its fantastic reps are taking such a lead on this and the progress we have made would not be possible without them.”

YUSU’s official club nights for this year are Tuesdays at Kuda, Wednesdays at Salvation, Thursdays at Fibbers and Sundays at Vodka Revolution. Of these, Kuda requires navigating stairs to gain entry to the club, and Salvation, Fibbrs and Revolution all have stairs to upstairs bars.

There will also be more college-led events and campus club nights, including a termly LGBTQ night.

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