Vanbrugh JCRC join forces with societies

Vanbrugh College is launching a new initiative to get college members more involved with societies

Vanbrugh College has announced plans to build relationships with societies in order to encourage members, known as ‘Vanbrites’, to get more involved in university life.

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The brand new initiative, which is called the Vanbrugh Association Scheme, will be run and managed by the Vanbrugh Junior Common Room Committee.

Links have already been set up with societies that are ‘local’ to Vanbrugh, such as University Radio York, Band Society and Drama Society.

Baking Society and the York Student Think Tank have also agreed to take part.

The scheme hopes to provide mutual support for both the College and societies.

It is hoped that in return for use of Vanbrugh spaces and equipment, the societies will be able to support the College’s events and encourage more involvement from members.

However, the scheme does also stress that Vanbrugh students should also be encouraged to join societies from across the entire university, and there are plans to expand the scheme further in the future.

The JCRC also hopes that the scheme will lead to joint events and increased promotion.

The committee is currently liasing with DramaSoc to allow a group of Vanbrugh freshers to produce a play within a week which will be performed to their peers.

Zoe Biles, Chair of DramaSoc, told Nouse: “DramaSoc are incredibly excited about creating new links with the colleges, and our Vanbrugh partnership is a reflection of our expansion as a society and our aim to get even more people involved.

“Vanbrugh have been incredibly open to setting up a cohesive relationship with DramaSoc and we are so looking forward to seeing our exciting plans pan out.”

The scheme will begin properly in Autumn Term when partner societies will be allowed to set up stands at Vanbrugh’s Freshers’ Fair on 30 September.

Michael Duncan, Chair of Vanbrugh College, said: “Vanbrugh’s Association Scheme, whilst brand new, is also a recognition of the fantastic existing relationships we have with many societies.

“With our students getting involved in so many societies and groups, this scheme is an exciting next step as we continue to develop and expand the links we already have, whilst also seeking to create entirely new ones.”

Alongside their plans with the University’s societies, the College is also running a campaign called ‘Vanbrugh Presents You’. This aims to bringing students closer to the JCRC’s decision making process and will take place in Weeks Two and Three of Autumn Term.

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  1. 1 Oct ’14 at 4:20 am

    Slightly Surprised Student

    Strange, Colleges have been doing this for years, through connections and good faith and contact with both the societies and their members. Vanbrugh it seems have simply decided to turn this into an official scheme. Strange then that they are credited with being new in their organization and thinking, when in actual fact other colleges have been doing exactly that, better and for a longer amount of time, but now that its an official scheme it seems like they are now somewhat better.

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