Q&A with Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan, comedian performing at YUSU Comedy Night, answers questions from

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My worst memory of a gig is from I was doing my Edinburgh show one year and a bloke fell asleep during it. His phone went off and he was in such a deep sleep he didn‘t even wake up. He was so bored, I actually nearly sent him in to a coma.

The strangest thing that has ever happened at a gig was when I was chatting to a bloke and his girlfriend on the front row and I heard another woman shout his name. He was actually married and was having an affair and his wife’s friend was sitting at the back of the gig! Things got awkward and he left at the break.

What I think makes me funny is that I just like being myself and telling stories. I think I’ve just found that being myself makes people laugh!

When I think about creating new material I normally focus on small things and just open it up more and try and use my feelings about the situation. Hopefully people feel the same and we all laugh as one. If not, it’s a tough gig!

The comedian I admire the most is Tommy Tiernan. He’s an Irish comedian and he was the first one I ever saw live and will never forget it.

Tell us a joke? I tell stories, so no jokes am afraid!

I decided that I wanted to be a comedian when I worked in a call centre and my life was going nowhere. I always wanted to be a comic and I thought well if I give it a go and it fails, it won’t be worse than what am doing now!

My most unappealing habit is that I have slight OCD on locking doors, i need to check three times that a door is locked.

If I could go back in time I’d go back to 1998 and start doing stand up comedy straight after school!

My most treasured possession is my London Marathon medal. Everytime I look at it it reminds me that if you work hard you can find one of them on ebay and convince people you ran the race.

In my set at the university this weekend I will be giving lots of advice to students about what life is like after uni. The constant pain of being alive, the misery and the inevitability that none of your dreams will ever be achieved. Very uplifting stuff.

The worst thing that anybody has ever said to me is: ‘Sorry we cannot increase your overdraft’… Some bloke at the bank.

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