Hangover remedies

As a student it’s very likely that you’ll be drinking at some point during your time at university. On the odd occasion that you may have had one too many drinks, shares her suggestions for nursing a hangover

A full English breakfast
If you can stomach it, prepare yourself an English breakfast. Fry a couple of eggs, add a rasher of bacon, and squeeze on some ketchup, then serve with buttered toast. A good quantity of filling food soaks up alcohol from the system.

Your body loses a lot of potassium due to alcohol. But thankfully, a lot of fruit and vegetables, such as bananas, kiwi and spinach are potassium rich, providing you with an easy way to help cure your hangover.

Try to avoid reaching for the caffeine – although it is tempting to stop at a coffee shop on the way to your next lecture, it will make you feel even more dehydrated, and increase that painful headache. If you can’t function without coffee, choose a decaf option.

Superfood oats

Oats aren’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when we think of foods for soothing a hangover. In fact, they are a superfood packed with essential nutrients. A bowl of porridge provides a much needed vitamin B boost, as well as an energy kick as they are a complex carbohydrate. Oats also help to steady blood sugar levels to get you through the day.

Ginger tea
It doesn’t sound like the most appealing drink, but research has proven that ginger tea can reduce nausea, a common symptom of hangovers. You can add a drizzle of honey for a sweeter taste.

Replenishing drinks

It’s a common myth that continuing to drink alcohol the morning after can eliminate hangover pain. In fact this will probably make you feel a lot worse; instead its best to find a drink that will restore your hydration levels. Try coconut water or a sports drink, for example Lucozade. Fresh fruit juices can also provide a refreshing boost.

PhotoCredit:Gary Denness

PhotoCredit:Gary Denness

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