EGX London 2014

heads to EGX London to experience some of the year’s best games

Photo credit: BagoGames on flickr

Photo credit: BagoGames on flickr

EGX London, the UK’s biggest games show, took place last week at Earl’s Court, and Nouse Gaming was lucky enough to get a pass for the show. And so, I caught a train from York and headed off for London, and after making my way across the capital on the underground, I arrived at the venue. Entering the main hall, I gave off a shrill shriek of joy as I saw the many stands showcasing video games that were yet to be released.

I began with FIFA 15. After being partnered up with another FIFA fan, we were both let loose on one of the consoles that were showcasing the game. My opponent went for Arsenal, whilst I chose Manchester United. Unsurprisingly, Arsenal won the game 1-0. The game itself felt far more fluid than FIFA 14, which put a greater emphasis on the physicality of football. Once again, the players had been meticulously recreated, and the crowd too had been given a new level of detail. One nice touch to the game was that when the only goal of the game was scored, the whole stadium shook, the crowd going wild. Overall this felt like a more atmospheric addition to the FIFA series, one that will be welcomed by the majority of fans.

Next on the list was Far Cry 4, which is being released in late November. I played through one mission from this wonderful game, in which I attacked a walled mountain village from back of an elephant. Using the elephant to break down the gates, I then proceeded to trample over a series of enemies, whilst firing wildly in every direction with a machine gun. Wildlife plays a key role in this game, and ranges from monkeys to elephants to honey badgers. No doubt these poor creatures will be used or misused by players in the strangest ways possible. Far Cry 4 could well be one of the most innovative first-person-shooters in years.

After Far Cry 4 came another of Ubisoft’s future releases, Assassin’s Creed Unity. Whilst Unity was not available to play, we were shown a promo from the new game, after which one of the Ubisoft team played through one of the missions. Set in Paris during the French revolution, Unity allows players to explore a map of epic proportions, and introduces a new assassin to the series, Arno Dorian. The mission on show had Arno breaking into Notre Dame to assassinate an adversary, and featured all the usual activities we’ve come to expect from the series – pick pocketing, eavesdropping and sword fighting. Whilst this addition to the series may be bigger and better than its predecessors, some might see it as just more of the same from the Assassin’t Creed series. It’s hard to deny that Ubisoft are milking this series for everything it’s worth.

Photo credit: BagoGames on flickr

Photo credit: BagoGames on flickr

A developer’s session by Creative Assembly came next, in which it was revealed that the next title in the Total War series would focus on the decline of the Roman Empire. Attila Total War will challenge the player to slow down the horde of barbarians moving southwards towards Rome. Sanitation plays a key role this time around, and religion as well as the family tree system are finally making a return.

Although the game is still in pre-alpha stage, there was an opportunity to play a battle from the game once the presentation was over. After much queuing I got to experience a Saxon siege for myself. This will be the darkest Total War game to date, as Creative Assembly are attempting to recreate the cooling climate that encouraged the barbarian hordes to migrate. On the battlefield, burning buildings now affect morale, and barricades can be used to protect a settlement from enemy attacks. My battle was a real slog, but eventually the Saxons were defeated. At the end of it all, I left the box with my spirits high, pretty much convinced that Attila would be worthy addition to the Total War series.

EGX London was a great event that showed off the best games of the year, and gave us a sneak peek into future releases. After experiencing a few of the games on show, it seems that gamers have a lot to look forward to, as many exciting titles are being released in the coming months.

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