Mansion dropped as official YUSU club night venue

Fibbers will replace Mansion as the venue for the official YUSU Thursday club night

YUSU has announced it is reversing its decision to hold official Thursday club nights at Mansion and will instead be holding them at Fibbers, which took over Tokyo’s old venue earlier this year.


The decision was made after concerns were raised about Mansion’s safety after the club did not extend its capacity followed refurbishment as discussed, which means the building only has a capacity of 500.

However, approximately 800 people attended each official Thursday club night last year.

Mansion had originally planned to make alterations to the building which included widening fire doors, but YUSU discovered these changes had not been made last week, leading to worries that the club would “not [be] able to fulfill [sic] the demand for the forthcoming year”.

In the YUSU blog post announcing the decision, Sam Maguire, YUSU President, said: “It is unfortunate that this decision had to be taken as we had expectations that a night in Mansion would be fantastic, however, student safety and accessibility is our priority for club nights and this was a call which had to be made.

“We are very excited about how the night at Fibbers can develop with the capacity to fulfill the demand for our student night. The original decision was taken not to continue the YUSU nights at the old Tokyo venue (which is now Fibbers) as we thought it was time for a change and the night was in danger of becoming stale. In response to that the venue underwent a major refurbishment and it looks fantastic and will ensure that the club can offer a fantastic night out.

“The night in Mansion had been designed to showcase student DJ and music societies and this will very much continue in the new venue and if any student acts are interested in being involved in the night they should contact me.”

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