Meet the Part-Time Officers: RAG Officer

Georgia Paton and Sarah Roughton, who share the role of RAG Officer, share their first year memories and explain how they help fundraisers

What exactly do you do?

sarah roughton and georgia paton

RAG (Raising and Giving) is the charity and fundraising branch of your Student Union. We put on fantastic events such as Woodstock, a twelve hour music festival showcasing student talent in the Summer term, and RAG Week, a week full of wonderful events all to raise money [which] culminat[es] in the incredible RAG Parade through the streets of York, newly moved to Autumn term. [It’s] not to be missed!

The RAG Cup is another major aspect of RAG, in which the colleges compete to raise the most money for their chosen charity over the year, making fundraising all the more accessible to all. We [also] help promote and organize your own personal fundraising ventures at university, including raising the funds for the wild adventure challenges we offer, such as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and trekking volcanoes in Guatemala. Whether you are a part of a college, a sport, a society or just an individual, you can be involved in RAG.

In our position as RAG Officer, we organise and support our committee and College Reps to put on amazing events for you all to enjoy. As well as raising magic amounts of money, we are here to help you and any others who wish to be a part of RAG or simply one of our fundraising events or challenges. [We help with] publicity, advice, reaching the charity you wish to fundraise for [and will even lend] you some of our many buckets!

What was your most memorable freshers’ experience?

Georgia: My Freshers [sic] was amazing, I loved it! There were so many memorable moments, from falling down the stairs at Mansion (from which I am still missing a chunk of my leg) to playing UNO until five in the morning. [There was also] the hilarious trip to the supermarket, being attacked by the complementary Barkley’s Bank Balloons [and] the awkward simultaneous spoon improved by free pizza.

Sarah: My Freshers [sic] was also so much fun and I have so many great memories, including squeezing a lemon in the eye of a passed out racist guy in Willow, doing body shots off people I’d just met and drinking out of other peoples shoes as parts of challenges [at] my first ever RAG social! Weirdly, Georgia and I had never met but were actually both part of the same giant spoon that was a (failed) attempt at breaking the world record.

What advice would you give to this year’s freshers?

My advice for Freshers would be to join everything, try everything and of course get involved in RAG. (We have the best socials!)

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