University Road changes to go ahead despite initial opposition

Changes include the relocation of a bus stop and the removal of the library steps

University of York Library

City of York Council have given the green light to changes to University Road, including the moving of a bus stop and removal of the JB Morrell Library steps.

The changes are set to be completed in phases, with the first moving the outbound bus stop closer to Morrell Way, along with rebuilding the road crossing between the two bus stops. The initial changes, which started last week, will affect University Road for the next month.

A new cycle route along the road will also be created, as will speed cushions and a new 20mph zone, which will both be installed after the Yorkshire Marathon on 12 October.

The second phase, due to begin in Easter 2015, will see the removal of the library steps on the northern side, in an attempt to encourage more students to use the footbridge from Market Square. New steps from the library to the inbound bus stop will be created on the opposite side of the bridge on Morrell Way.

Despite initially opposing the plans, the University released a statement in relation to the changes saying: “We are committed to sustainable traffic solutions, along with traffic calming measures such as 20mph on University Road, to ensure the safety of our students, staff and the local community.”

In 2012, a student was hit by a car while crossing University Road.

Whilst the changes are meant to improve safety, some students do not appear to be satisfied with them. Lauren Cross, a second year student, told Nouse: “It seems silly to spend money on something that seems quite unnecessary.

“I guess with the amount of people crossing over the busy road [adding speed cushions] could lessen the risk of accidents. But it’s great to be able to get on and off the bus or finish a lecture and go straight to the library using the current steps.”

Temporary bus stops and traffic lights will be introduced during the closure. University Road will be closed completely to traffic between 6 and 7 September.

The council were contacted for a statement but have yet to respond.

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