Meet the Part-Time Officers: Environment & Ethics Officer

Ollie Duguid and Charles Pottle, who share the position of Environment & Ethics Officer, explain what their role involves

What exactly do you do?


Essentially we are here as a bridge between you, the student, and the higher powers at YUSU to make sure your university is behaving as sustainably as it can.

Whether it is by introducing a plastic bag free act for Freshers Fair, encouraging the use of recycle bins around campus or simply painting a sign a different colour so it fits in better with its surrounding environment, we are here to promote [an] as ethical and sustainable student life as possible.

Be sure to look out for our new Graduation Garden as well as some new environmental ideas that will be coming to your respective colleges soon.

What was your most memorable Freshers’ Week experience?

Our most memorable fresher experiences are sadly for our eyes only as sharing them in a news article would definitely not be beneficial for our reputations!

What advice would you give to this year’s freshers?

Our advice to the new students would be to enjoy your time at university to its fullest. Get involved with as many clubs/societies that you can accommodate for and make sure to get on any committees you can. Not only are they a great learning curve for future jobs, but they are highly rewarding knowing you’ve had a real impact on your club for future students. Good luck to all the new freshers and of course our returning students too!

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