Meet the Part-Time Officers: Women’s Officer

Peggy Lockwood-Lord and Emily Inglis, who share the position of Women’s Officer, talk to about what they do and their plans for next year

What exactly do you do?

Peggy Lockwood-Lord and Emily Inglis

We’re the Women’s Officers, which means that we are the chairs of the YUSU Women’s Network, which consists of all self-defining women studying at the University of York. We are largely an activist group, in that our energy is focused on current issues in feminism and student life, and what we can do to help.

We run meetings every Thursday during term-time, where we collect together our committee and members, and find out what sort of campaigns our network is interested in running. These may be as simple as awareness-raising projects, such as the York Needs Feminism photo shoots, and recent Ban Revenge Porn campaign, or as momentous as attending Reclaim the Night marches around the UK to meet other active members of the national feminist community.

We hold elections every term for our committee (for various representative positions including BME, Trans, Mature, LGBTQ and Disabled, as well as a few other organisational positions) so come along and see if you fancy joining us!

What have you got planned for 2014/2015?

This year we are hoping to hold the first ever Feminist Festival at [the University], celebrating all of the amazingly talented women we have at the University and in the city!

Tell me about an interesting experience you’ve had.

Once Emily saw an apocalyptic black horse, sans rider, gallop past her house at witching hour (3am) and thought she was hallucinating. Turns out it was a pretty mundane escape situation, and the horse was later spotted tailed by two police vans.

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