Meet the Part-Time Officers: Mature Students’ Officer

Victoria Gladwin and Craig Hodgkinson reveal what they’ve got planned for this year’s mature freshers

What exactly do you do?

victoria gladwin and craig hodgkinson

Our role consists of supporting the mature students at the University of York as best we can, and representing the interests and concerns of mature students to the University. We also run the Mature Students Association, which holds various events throughout the year and is a great way for mature students to meet, especially if they are few in their department.

What have you got planned for this year’s Freshers?

This Freshers’ Week we have a few small events in the works, all to be confirmed yet, but every year there is a welcome lunch put on by the University, which we will attend, to welcome the incoming mature students. It’s a great way to get to know people in your department, and it’s usually the first event for the Mature Students Association as well. We’re planning on running a family friendly event in Freshers’ Week as well, which will be open to all mature students as well as children and other dependants. We’re aware there are students with families on campus, who will be on a very unique path at university, and it is always nice to be able to meet people with similar circumstances quite early on in the academic year.

What advice would you give to this year’s Freshers?

Advice I would give incoming students would be to embrace Freshers’ Week and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself. Everyone is in the same boat in that they’re all here for the first time and they’re all nervous about meeting new people. There’s plenty to do, whether you’re into drinking or, if like my housemates and I in Halifax, you only go out one or two nights in the week and attend other events during the days or just hang out in the kitchen getting to know each other. If you’re a mature student, firstly, don’t forget you do belong here just as much as anyone else, and secondly, don’t be shy about making friends with some of the younger students. They’re great fun and will be some of the best people you’ll meet.

Whether you’re a new mature student, or coming straight from A-levels or college, you’ve picked a great university to study at. Welcome, enjoy your time here, try new things and have the time of your life.

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