Vanbrugh to launch app for freshers

The app will provide directions and information about Freshers’ Week

Vanbrugh College has announced it is launching a mobile app for this year’s freshers which will later be developed for students in other years.

Vanbrugh App

The free app, which was developed by Oliver Binns, Webmaster for Vanbrugh College, will provide users with information about events happening in Freshers’ Week, STYCs and move-in dates. There will also be a directions feature which helps students find their way round campus using Google Maps.

The app also has an ‘S.O.S. Section’ through which users can call useful contacts including the University’s Security Services, Nightline and their Welfare Tutor.

Binns explained: “We wanted to do something that no other college at York was doing. Even YUSU’s app doesn’t come anywhere close to providing many of the features in our app. The app is quite a small file (around 10mb) so even those worried about filling up their iPhones can find some room for it.”

The app, which will be updated for STYCs in September, will be available to download from the Apple App Stores for devices running iOS 7 from 25 August. It is expected an Android version will also be released in time for Freshers’ Week, although a date has not yet been confirmed.

Michael Duncan, Chair of Vanbrugh College, told Nouse: “The new Vanbrugh app is a huge step forward, allowing us to better communicate with the students we represent, particularly during Freshers’ Week… For me, the app is yet another indication that Vanbrugh is really going places this year and I’m sure it will be a great success.”


  1. Bet it’s shit.

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  2. Looks well nice! Thanks for the app, Oliver. I’ll be downloading it!

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