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A list of all those societies that don’t fall under a specific category but cater for important student needs

Agricultural Society (AgriSoc)

Anime and Manga Society

Joining the Anime and Manga society comes with some gains; like access to a manga library of over 200 titles and discounts at Blackwells (the University book store) on purchases of anime. The society meets every week in Derwent to watch the latest and greatest in Japanese animation. Shows are for all tastes as there three subsets; slice-of-life/ comedy, action and last but not least psychological and horror.

Astronomy Society

The York Astronomical Society is a club for those sharing ‘a common appreciation for all things astronomical’. The society invites anyone interested in Astronomy in any form to come along to their meetings and public activities.

Baking Society

Baking Society aims at introducing its members to new recipes and tastes and it is open to all levels and abilities. Through this society you can acquire all the skills to be able to imitate your favourite TV programs and end up being the most popular destination for dinner!

Caledonian Society

CalSoc is York’s Scottish Dancing Society. It is a fun group activity to be part of, with popular socials that present an opportunity to test your skills and demonstrate the reels you have learnt throughout the year. Their socials include various Ceilidhs (informal dances), a formal Christmas ball, and the York festival in the summer term. Absolutely everyone is welcome to join them!


Chess Society

Chess society is dedicated at promoting chess in the University of York in ‘a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere’. The society hosts club nights once a week which are open to both beginners and grand masters. Socially the society organizes night outs, bar crawls and the infamous drinking chess event.

Classics Society

Cocktail Society (YUCS)

A society for those in life who enjoy a well made cocktail! Whether you love Cosmo or Sex on the Beach this is a society for you. They organize socials three times a tem and aim to show the best and most popular cocktails bars in York! As a society their activities include mixology sessions every term so that you can learn how to make your favourite cocktails. For the grand masters of drinking, the society offers tastings at York’s liquer shops.

Comedy Society

Comedy Society’s mission is to make the audience laugh! It provides opportunities for people who are interested in writing, performing, producing and watching comedy. Part of the society’s activities include: open stand-up comedies as well as writing and improvisation workshops, so that people can develop their skills surrounded of course by a friendly atmosphere.

Creative Writing Society (York Inklings)

York Inklings is a creative writing society that runs weekly writing workshops with games, exercises and special events for all. They welcome writers of all abilities and tastes like poetry, stories or scripts.

DIY Society

Doctor Who Society

Offering a friendly and informal attitude, this is the society for all the Doctor fans coming to York. The society acts as a platform for discussion and screening of loved and popular episodes.

Douglas Adams Society (DougSoc)

DougSoc takes pride in offering ‘Excitement, Adventure, and really Wild Things’. DougSoc is ideal for those who consider themselves different to everyone else. Their aim is to have fun through weekly events in the Spirit of Douglas Adams which essentially means their doing things that pretty much no other society does. Picnic, game nights and apparently battles between the forces of the good and the evil are some of their activities. If no other society seems to be your cup of tea then DougSoc is definitely for you!

Eastern Philosophy Society

The society’s main goal is to provide and promote a space where students can come together to learn about the nature of truth, the self and reality by exploring different schools of thought that originate from the East. Regular discussions, talks by guest speakers, society visits, a fortnightly reading group and walks along the Yorkshire Moors are some of the society’s activities.

Edible Uni

Edible Uni is a student/staff project turning unused green spaces on campus into edible gardens for all to enjoy the University of York. Established just 2 years ago, in 2012, Edible Uni is a growing society.

English PEN Society (YorkPEN)

York PEN is a student-run group within the English PEN. PEN is a human rights charity ‘concerned with issues of free speech, imprisonment, and the promotion of literature from those whose voices have been stoppered’. Established in 2012, the society’s mission is to ‘promote free speech and expression, defend human rights campaigners, inspire and demonstrate the value of literature as a force for understand and last but not least promote education as a necessity for comprehensive cultural understanding’.

European Union Society

European Union Society’s aim is to act as a platform for students to exchange ideas and views about the EU and EU-related topics. The University of York EU Society welcomes people of different backgrounds and different opinions.

Fetish Society (FetSoc)

Within its months the society was credited with being responsible for a rise in the average number of sexual partners at the university! FetSoc’s activities include lessons on how to safely tie someone’s wrists while ensuring that you don’t feel pressured into doing things you don’t want to do. Members can participate in workshops and learn how and where to safely network within York. Shall we talk about Fifty Shades of Grey?


Fragsoc is the University of York’s PC & LAN Gaming society and part of the University of York Student Union. We run 9 LAN parties a year: 3 an academic term, each lasting over 24 hours throughout a weekend. Click here for the list of future events. At these events we usually have an attendance of anywhere between 80 & 120 people, all bringing both PCs & laptops. We play a variety of games ranging from commoner-garden FPS (First-Person-Shooter) to old-favoured RTS (Real-Time-Strategy) to racing games.


HackSoc is for anyone out there who finds technology endlessly fascinating. Maybe you’ve spent the summer reprogramming your phone, building a processor, or designing a virtual reality. If so, this is the society for you, and all your technological interests.

HP Muggle Soc after a game of quidditch. Camilla Apcar

HP Muggle Soc after a game of quidditch. Camilla Apcar

HP Muggle Soc

HP Muggle Soc is a society to celebrate the brilliance of the world of Harry Potter! For both hardcore Potter geeks and those who just like the films, HP Muggle Soc will be bringing you informal meetings, film screenings, book discussions, House Cup events and many themed socials to spread the magical love!

iGEM Society

Juggle Soc

Juggle Soc is campus’ elite group of jugglers practicing balls, clubs and fire. Beginners are also welcome!

LGBTQ Social

LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans) Social is the only society on campus directed towards LGBT students. They are an active society, holding two socials a week.

Make up Artistry

The perfect place to express creativity through featured tutorial sessions and live make-up shows. Whether you want to discuss what products work best with your skin type; get tips on how to choose and apply foundation correctly or what to do with all of those eye-shadows, there is something for everyone.

Medieval Society

This society is nuts about history, especially the Medieval times. They are dedicated to the re-enactment of medieval activities, such as fighting, costuming and dancing. The society also holds events combat training and medieval themed socials. All in all, the society has a bit of fun, imagining they lived in times of yore, drinking mead and fighting each other to the death, almost.

Off Campus Society

Pokemon Society

You won’t be surprised to hear that Pokemon Soc spend their time playing the card game selves and watching films. They say all levels of fandom are welcome, whether you’re a competitive player or have just a patchy memory from your GameBoy colour days then you’re welcome. Previous tournaments they’ve taken part in include a Stadium rental cup, Trading Card Game with learn-to-play, and Super Smash Bros Brawl.

Quite Interesting Society

Quite Interesting Society is mainly an appreciation society of the BBC 2 hit show, QI, however anyone with an interesting in trivia or comedy can join. The society organises speaker events and trips, including trips to watch QI being filmed live. If you’re not up for that though, you can simply join the rest of the group and watch each and every episode on television in the comfort of a JCR.

Real Ale Society

Every student’s favourite society, Real Ale society is dedicated to the enjoyment of real ale. The society makes trips to pubs with real ale as well as real ale festivals so they can indulge their passion of real ale. They also have the hard job of “pub testing” and beer tasting, involving visiting establishments in, around and out of York.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Society

If you’re interested in the world of Science Fiction and Fantasy, then this is the society for you. The society is for those that are fans of both film and literature Sci-Fi and want to discuss the topic with other fans. Members can also be passionate about fantasy role playing, both tabletop and live action, as well as board games and war gaming. They also organise society meals and days out, as well as trips to relevant films at the cinema and conventions.

Scouting and Girl Guiding at York (SAGGY)

This society is for prospective and current girl guides and members of The Scout Association. The latter has over 600,000 members in the UK. It’s a continuation of the traditional girl guides activities, but from a university perspective – with all the traditions that go with it, volunteering, caving, hiking, and of course drinking.

Scoop Student Co-operative

Scoop is a student co-operative (run by its members) which provides organic, exploitation-free, and local produce at affordable prices. You can buy produce and order vegetable boxes from their campus run markets.

Shakespeare and Wine

Shakespeare and Wine is a newly-formed society, open to any student with a love for Renaissance literature and culture. Focusing predominately (though not solely) on Shakespeare, the society holds regular discussion groups, taking a fun and light-hearted approach to the appreciation of all things Renaissance. The society carries out numerous film and theatre trips, as well as pub crawls and walks around the city. Any student is welcome to attend events – prior knowledge of Shakespeare is not required!

Swing Dance


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