Societies: Media and Publishing

The University of York is home to several multiple award winning media and publishing societies. It is regarded as one of the best campuses for journalism and this list will help you choose the right society for your media and publishing needs

Circulation Magazine

Founded in 2010, Circulation is a termly music-dedicated magazine that aims at bringing the best in new music on their weekly radio show on URY. Additionally they run a postcast series bringing you the best mixes from DJs and producers based in York around the UK. If you’re a budding music journalist, DJ, artist or plain music fan then this is the place for you.


Having adopted a new name a few years ago, Hardzine (formerly known as HAUS) claim to reflect “an independent-minded, ambitious readership that thrives on the creative industries of art, design, fashion, film and music”.


As you’re reading this you probably already have a vague idea about Nouse. Nouse is the oldest society on campus, with our 50th anniversary celebrations coming up in October- expect a big party! If you’re interested in writing, editing, photography, design or cartoons we’re the place to go. With an impressive list of past alumni, both in journalism and further afield, Nouse has a respected places on campus. With three editions a term we report on everything from news, business, and science to sports, music, and film. Read more about getting involved here (LINK) and don’t forget to pick up a copy on Tuesday of Freshers’ week!

The Lemon Press

The Lemon Press is a satirical magazine released once a term on campus. It offers a comical look at current affairs using creative and humorous writing. The magazine is written by students for students, but there are also opportunities for graphics and animation designers as they expand their society.

The Looking Glass Anthology

The Looking Glass is a creative writing anthology. They select the best student-written poetry, drama, and fiction and publish it every year for distribution across campus.

University Radio York (URY)

University Radio York is the oldest legal independent radio station in Britain. In 1968 it hosted a one-off broadcast from Sir John Peel. Broadcasts go out every day from 9am to 1am. You can get involved in daytime and primetime chat shows as well as specialist news, speech, and music programmes.

York Student Television (YSTV)

YSTV is a television station run entirely by students at York. They broadcast online and around campus, and often live at events such as Election Hustings and Roses. They have won many awards for their broadcasting. If you’ve got television or media ambitions, or simply just want to get involved in television and learn what happens behind the scenes, then YSTV would be a good place to start.

York Vision

York Vision is the other campus newspaper written by students. They release an edition three times a term and cover a wide range of sections and issues, both on campus and in the wider world. Like any newspaper, there’s the chance to work in any area, such as writing, editing or photography.

The Zahir

The Zahir – taken from the Arabic that which is visible or manifest – is the University of York’s cultural magazine, publishing articles on film, music, politics, arts, literature, or really anything you’re interested in.

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