Societies: International and Culture

York’s diverse student body means there are plenty of international and cultural societies to join, have a look at our list of what the campus has to offer

Arab Society (YAS)

The Arab Society brags to be the ‘one of the most friendly societies at the University of York’. The society aims to bring together all Arab students living in York while it is open to everyone interested in ‘the magic of the Arabic culture’. YAS is a popular society with its members coming from a wide range of cultures and nationalities.

African Caribbean Society (ACS)

The African Caribbean Society is for anyone interested in African and Caribbean history, politics and culture including food, music, literature, language and sport. The society is growing bigger and better with popular and well-attended events from both native and international students.

Arab Society (YAS)

The Arab Society brags to be the ‘one of the most friendly societies at the University of York’. The society aims to bring together all Arab students living in York while it is open to everyone interested in ‘the magic of the Arabic culture’. YAS is a popular society with its members coming from a wide range of cultures and nationalities.

Brunei Society (Bru-York)

Brunei society was founded in 2009 and since then its aim is to bring together Bruneians and their friends, and offer support to Bruneian students in York to adapt to the new and possibly unfamiliar British and Yorkshire culture. In addition they aspire to increase awareness about Brunei as ‘a country that does not have gold-plated toilet seats’ and develop strong ties with other Bruneian societies across the UK. Bru-Yo!

Estonian Society

Estonian Society’s goals is to promote and cherish Estonian culture, its history and the fact that they created Skype. The society is meant for everyone with an interest in Estonia, thus Estonians and non-Estonians alike. The society holds events to give you a glimpse of their culture, land, cuisine and people.

Chinese Society

Huge country-massive events! In these few, yet eminent words one can summarize what the Chinese society stands for. Chinese New Year celebration is the biggest but definitely not the only event that promotes the Chinese rich culture. As a society they aim at supporting Chinese students adapt to the foreign and often unfamiliar English culture, provide welfare and academic support and promote their traditions and culture. All nationalities are welcome!

Hellenic Society (YUHS)

Whether you are a Greek/Greek Cypriot or an international student interested in the Hellenic culture, souvlaki or Santorini this is a society for you! The Hellenic society seeks to promote the Hellenic culture and traditions by holding cooking lessons (cause who doesn’t like tzoutzoukakia, tzatziki, and baklava?), socials with folk dances and music as well as film screening and quiz nights. Friendships among different ethnic groups are encouraged and consequently the YUHS is one of the most popular societies on campus.

Hong Kong Society

The society offers lessons to all those who want to learn Cantonese or to students who are struggling with mahjong. However throughout the year they hold popular events like Freshers’ orientation camp, Halloween party, Christmas party and Chinese New Year Gala. Hong Kong is claimed to be one of the largest cultural societies at the University of York.

Hungarian Society

The Hungarian society aims to promote Hungary’s culture, traditions and language while offering a platform for exchange of experiences and communication. The society provides welfare support helping them to integrate at the University.

Irish Society

The Irish Society seeks to bring together anyone with interest in the culture of the Emerald Isle. Slainte!

Islamic Society

The Islamic Society seeks to represent all Muslim students at the University of York. However the society wished to bring together all those from different faiths and religions. The society holds discussions regarding faith, socials and lectures from guest lectures.

Italian Society

The Italian Society promotes the Italian culture in all its aspects through social events, cooking lessons and film screenings, while keeping in touch with their roots. All welcome!

Japanese Society

The Japanese Society is a very multi-cultural society aiming to provide students and staff the opportunity to learn more about the Japanese culture. They run events such as sushi par tie, conversation classes and boast a welcoming and joyful atmosphere.

Jewish Society

Jewish Soc is for all Jews, however it welcomes non-Jews too. The society notes that it is more about community and togetherness rather than about religion-though they can help with any religious questions you might have. The society organises Shabbat meals, bagel lunches, BBQs and special events to celebrate festivals.

Korean Cultural Society

Primarily to bring Korean students together and promote their culture in York. Hosting a variety of events during the course of the year including language lessons, film nights, and food tastings. Anyone with Korean roots or an interest in the country will love this society!

Latin American Society

The aim of Latin American Society is to promote Latin American culture on campus but that doesn’t exclude members who are not originally from Latin American countries! With an array of activities across the year including movie nights, salsa classes, Spanish lessons, and football, the society strives to include all.

Lithuanian Society

The Lithuanian society seeks to unite all Lithuanians and anyone who has an interest in Lithuanian culture and traditions at the University of York. The society organises national celebrations, parties, sport events and promotes cultural awareness. So if you are Lithuanian, or simply want to learn more about Lithuania, then this is the society for you.

Lusophone Society

Aiming to help nurture student’s interest and skill in the Portuguese language the Lusophone Society is new this year.

Malaysian Society

Malaysian Society aims to introduce and promote the unique Malaysian culture within the University. Branding themselves as a ‘home away from home’ for Malaysian students studying at York this is the society if you’re interested in Malaysian culture and tradition.

Nigerian Society

Nigerian Society welcomes all, including those not from Nigeria. However its main aim is to bring together the Nigerian students that go to the University of York to celebrate its culture and traditions.

Romanian Society

Predominantly for Romaninan students studying here at the University, the Romanian Society aims to bring Romania to York. If you have an interest in Romanian culture, whether from there or not, this society is for you.

Russian Speaking Society

The Russian Speaking society welcomes all Russian students as well as native Russian speakers. It is an opportunity to discuss issues surrounding Russian politics, social and cultural life, and practice Russian. The society also aims to bring an understanding of the Russian culture to all of those who join to whom Russia might be an unfamiliar country.

Saudi Students Society

With their own in depth dedicated website Saudi Students Society thrives here at York. With an aim to spread the culture across the University the society is all inclusive. Although of course aimed directly at students from the area they do invite all with an interest.

Scandinavian Society

The Scandinavian Society aims to gather students from the Scandinavian countries (also including Finland and Iceland) and anyone interested in them for Scandinavian celebrations. This includes regular nights as well as one off specially themed socials.

Singapore Society

The Singapore Society is a student-run society which aims to provide a ‘home away from home’ for all Singaporean students. They’re also here to provide an insight into Singaporean culture for anyone interested in Singapore’s quirky island-city-state.

South Asian Society

Bringing together the traditions and customs of over a billion people, speaking countless languages and practicing a host of different religions with socials, lessons, and political campaigns.

Spanish Society

An informal society concerned with everything related to Spain, starting with helping Spanish students at the University but also concerned with its culture, customs, institutions and way of life. It’s open to anyone from any nationality who shares a love for Spain.

Thai Society

Thai Society is first and foremost a place where fellow Thai students can meet one another. However it also tried to host lots of activities with other societies, promoting cultural awareness about Thailand. Activities range from national trips and cooking nights to movies and holiday language workshops. Anyone interested in Thailand or Thai culture is more than welcome.

Turkish Society

A celebration of all things Turkish. The society are keen to welcome non-Turkish members, and they hold a varied collection of events throughout the year celebrating their culture and providing a support network for Turkish students at York. They organise events around traditional food, music, dance and games. Hosgeldiniz!

Vietnamese Society

For all those who have an interest in or are from Vietnam, celebrating its rich culture and heritage.

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