Sabbatical officers: preview

Every year, the campus is plastered with cardboard signs adorned with bad puns, and lectures are delayed by people wearing silly costumes as the annual YUSU elections begin and candidates vie for votes in a bid to become the next set of student representatives. The Students’ Union is run by five full-time officers, otherwise known as the Sabbs. Make sure you pick up your copy of our Freshers Edition of Nouse in October to find out what they’ve got planned for 2014/2015. In the meantime, here’s a quick rundown of who they are and what they do.

Sam Maguire, YUSU President

Former Langwith Chair Sam beat a lobster with his Irishness in his bid to become YUSU President. (No, really.) He is the main spokesperson for YUSU and is responsible for leading it and maintaining its reputation.

George Offer, Academic Officer

As Academic Officer, George helps students with issues relating to their education, from teaching to learning facilities. George was the Welfare Officer in 2013/14.

Chris Wall, Student Activities Officer

It’s the job of the Student Activities Officer to support and develop extra-curricular activities at the University, including societies, volunteering and RAG (Raising & Giving). See our guide to societies for more information on what you can get involved with alongside your degree.

Jemima Busby, Welfare and Community Officer

As Welfare and Community Officer, Jemima supports students at York in matters relating to wellbeing, including security, finance and health.

Cass Brown, York Sport President

It’s Cass’ responsibility to co-ordinate and develop sport at the University, including the infamous annual Roses tournament against Lancaster. Don’t forget to check out our guide to sports and campus facilities.

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