Nice and icy

Some cocktails to enjoy during the great British summer, written by someone from the wrong side of London

Strawberry Daiquiri with lime in a hurricane glass on a salted rim


Though you wouldn’t know it from looking out of your windows, summer has supposedly arrived. With exams all but over, students all over campus naturally turn their thoughts to drinking enough alcohol to forget about them. So in the spirit of summer, if not in summery conditions themselves, Nouse has put together a collection of delightful summer beverages to enjoy while the summer rain pours down.

Tip: Freeze the Long Beach Iced Tea and Pimms to produce ice lollies for the rare
occasion that you may actually see some sun!


1. Elderflower

1 Part Gordon’s Gin
1 Part Bottle Green elderflower cordial

Combine all ingredients and
top with tonic water.


2. Vodka Slush Puppy

45ml Absolut Citron
1 tbsp sugar
Juice of half a lemon
Splash of grenadine

Place all ingredients in a covered glass.
Freeze overnight and garnish with a slice of lemon to serve.


3. Vodka Cranberry Slush Puppy

1 Part cranberry juice
1 Part lemonade
2 Parts vodka

Combine all ingredients and freeze overnight. Serve in a glass, topping up the frozen mixture with additional lemonade.


4. Long Beach Iced Tea

1 Part vodka
1 Part light rum
1 Part gin
1 Part tequila

Combine all ingredients. Top up the glass with cranberry juice and crushed ice.


5. Pimms

1 Part Pimms
3 Parts lemonade
Slices of orange and apple
Mint leaves

Mix the ingredients together. Add the slices of fruit along with the mint leaves.

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