York Sport return to old Colours system

Cass Brown, York Sport President, has returned the Union to the ‘Colours’ system last used two years ago, after the current system was deemed to be too elitist

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York Sport have announced that they are returning to the old Colours system following negative feedback received about last year’s changes.

Last year, full Colours were only awarded to an individual who had represented their sport at a national level and half Colours were awarded to players who had represented their clubs at a regional level.

Prior to these changes Colours were awarded to players who had been a dedicated member of their team for their three years at York or who had made an outstanding contribution to the development and success of their club.

Cass Brown, York Sport President, has decided to return to the original Colours system, “The York Sport Committee have decided to change Colours back to the old system mainly due to negative feedback on last year’s but also to make them less elitist.

“The new system, or old, as it were, will see those students who have played for their first team or equivalent for all three years and who have made an outstanding contribution to their club, or the York Sport Union, awarded with full colours – a system that has worked perfectly well and been well received, in the past.”

Colours are awarded at the York Sport Dinner, which will take place on Sunday the 15th June. Nominations for the York Sport Dinner Awards will open soon; categories include College Sport Awards, Team and Club Awards, Individual Awards and the new Diversity Awards.

Brown spoke to Nouse about the dinner saying, “I can’t wait for the York Sport Dinner – This will be my fourth and to be hosting it is such an honour. We have a hell of a lot to celebrate this year – sport at York has excelled more than ever and our clubs and athletes deserve some recognition. I urge clubs to nominate their peers and the clubs around them and I urge them to come to the dinner also!”

A new award, Contribution to Diversity in Sport, has been included at this year’s dinner following the success of the Key Contacts scheme.

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