Q&A with The Gilchrists

Winners of York’s Battle of the Bands 2014 and playing at this year’s Summer Ball, The Gilchrists answer questions from

Photo courtesy of The Gilchrists

Photo courtesy of The Gilchrists

Winning Battle of the Bands was a relief. I’ve been trying to win a battle of the bands competition since I was about ten so I was finally able to tick off that achievement. (Lewis Stott – Drums).

We’re really excited about being on the main stage at the Summer Ball this year. We played the second stage last year and it really feels like we’re moving onwards with what we’re doing. (Matt Hargreaves – Bass).

Recording has definitely been my favourite moment being in the band. Being able to show people the results of what we waste our evenings doing is a great feeling. (Matt).

Our best gig was obviously battle of the bands. The worst was when our three piece band nearly outnumbered the crowd. (Lewis).

How would we describe our sound? Kind of a funk/alternative/pop thing. Seems to work. We’re not sure ourselves. (Matt).

The music scene in York is a bit of weird one. There are plenty of great acts around and there are some great small venues to see them at, but York as a city doesn’t really get much tour wise beyond the odd novelty act and some singer from the 1970’s on his 12th farewell tour. (Matt).

One of my musical influences is John Mayer. And also Joe Bonamassa who is a really big guitar influence for me. (Kris Gray – Guitar and vocals).

The most annoying habit of the band is Kris’ youtube addiction. He spends half of practice watching queen of vagina. Also, Matt’s bass amp is really heavy, and as the henchest, he always leaves me to carry it. (Lewis).

If I could have a superpower it would be the ability to rap. Like Eminem in Eight Mile. I know it was scripted for the film but he was free styling in character. (Kris).

What can you expect from us in the future? We just finished recording four incredible songs today, so hopefully those will be around very soon! (Lewis).


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