Album Review: Little Dragon – Nabuma Rubberband

is impressed by the new release from Little Dragon

Little Dragon’s fourth album is most definitely one to get your hands on for this summer. This Swedish four-piece brought us Ritual Union which in its own right was a pretty dreamy track to listen to, and the remixes of it only made it better. The album starts off with ‘Mirror’, which is most definitely not their best track and may put people off the rest but don’t worry – it’s possibly just a blip in their usual high standard of tracks.

‘Klapp Klapp’ seamlessly continues from their previous albums with high tempo, a funky beat and catchy vocals from Yukimi Nagano. ‘Pretty Girls’ and ‘Cat Rider’ are both absolutely incredible tunes that you will want to put on repeat for a long time. ‘Nabuma Rubberband’ – I have no idea what it means in case you were wondering – is one of the best songs on the whole album. The strong presence of some beautiful strings and a laid back beat makes you want to drift away from the world into some sort of fantasy land. ‘Killing Me’ brings a slightly heavier feel to the album, with a synth vibe to it, whilst slightly against the grain of the album, it works very well. The final two tracks, ‘Pink Cloud’ and ‘Let It Go’ are both beautifully melodic and slow tempo accompanied with some funky vocals that we are used to from the band.

Whilst it is not a world away from their previous work, the album as a whole is perfectly executed and has definitely shows off what a talented outfit they truly are. This is one of the few albums that it’s possible to listen to from start to finish, and whilst not consciously recognizing the ending of one and beginning of the next, it is full of unique and brilliantly put together tracks. If you have a chance to see them live this summer then I would highly recommend it, and if you can’t, it won’t be long before half of the album is chopped, changed and remixed into even more incredible tunes for the disco heads out there.

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