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“Home is where the tax is…”

One year on from the approval of the Spare Room Subsidy, the public is still in confusion and uproar over what Lord Best has slammed, “The Bedroom Tax”. Media horror stories paint pictures of starving families, those forced to give up their homes and the exploitation of our most vulnerable citizens. But what is the truth? How have we let it get this far? And what are the stories of those who cannot make their opinions known?


This term the second year Writing, Directing and Performance students at the University of York present an exciting evening of three original half-hour plays, created from the true stories and real lives of the people involved in the controversial Bedroom Tax/Spare Room Subsidy. The three plays, ‘Where I lay my head’, ‘Food Bank Poor’, and ‘Home Truths’, are being showcased on Thursday the 15th, Friday the 16th, and Saturday the 17th of May.


Where I lay my head has been a really interesting adventure for us. It’s been an intense few weeks looking into heart wrenching stories of those affected by the bedroom tax. We’ve enjoyed finding the fun in presenting the ludicrous response of government to this problem. Ever wanted to see politicians wrestle? You might just want to come along!” – Directors Jason Ryall and Amy Warren


Food Bank poor draws on ideas of food insecurity and food poverty, themes that were raised during many of the interviews that were conducted. When we embarked on this project, we never expected that, in the 7th richest country in the world, we’d be uncovering stories of people who are literally unable to feed themselves. It seems to contradict the term ‘welfare system’ entirely. The stories we have uncovered are simultaneously haunting and inspiring, and staging them has been a surprisingly political and emotional experience. We hope to leave our audience with an active mind for change.” – Directors Daisy Hale & Emily Thane


“We found that one of the greatest challenges facing us when directing Home Truths was trying to straddle the thin line in verbatim, between fact and fiction. One of the most challenging aspects of directing the data we have heard and collected over the course of these past few months and ways to represent these on stage. The aim is to give people who wouldn’t normally have a voice a chance to express their opinions.” – Martha Godfrey & Vanessa Garsden



Thursday 15th, Friday 16th, and Saturday 17th May

Time: 19:30 (doors 19:15)

Venue: Black Box Studio, Department of Theatre, Film and Television, Heslington East, The University of York, YO10 5GB

Tickets: £5 – Available from the TFTV foyer, or online at:


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