Personal information is ours to share

When you apply for a job you do not expect your personal information to be spread across the internet. Yet this is exactly what happened to people who applied for a job with the chain wine bar and grill Lucia. Their CVs including all of their personal information, addresses, qualifications, date of births, and even phone numbers were published on a link locatable not only directly from their website but also through a google search. This seems like a crazy invasion of privacy especially when some of the people were under 18 and thus considered minors in the eye’s of the law. Of course it is against the Data Protection Act to share someone’s information without their consent. It is scary to think that anyone could now have that information saved onto their computer. If people choose to share their personal details on social networks like Facebook that’s their choice but without consent it becomes a very different story. Protecting personal information has been on everyone’s minds recently with the Heartbleed bug. At the time of the threat people were advised by experts to change all their passwords. In fact on the day that the bug was discovered people who wanted to maintain complete anonymity on the internet were advised not to visit any websites for at least 24 hours. These events show the ease at which personal information can be shared instantly worldwide, highlighting the dangers of the internet. Undoubtedly people need to be conscious of their online presence. This involves companies too, who need to take care with people’s details. Something which Lucia hasn’t done.

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