Four decades of Miss Moss

It has been three years since we’ve stepped into Topshop and seen Kate Moss’s name hovering above her own collection. But on the 30th of April Kate Moss’s new collection will be available to buy in store and online. This year Moss turned forty years old, but this hasn’t altered her style icon image, in fact it might even have made her cement herself harder in the world of fashion. She looked the image of sophistication at the Olivier Awards on Sunday night, wearing a paisley print pyjama suit from her new collection. Arguably the jacket and trouser combo might be too much for some, but the jacket over a pair of skinny jeans would brighten any outfit. And besides, Moss was famous for being the queen of the skinny jean!


Moss’ fashion choices have always been in the limelight and over time she has had her fair share of fashion faux pas. The see through dress she wore in 1993 was scarcely flattering and definitely not something any normal girl would ever think of wearing. But that wasn’t the point, it was one of the first of many bold statements by Moss. Some of these statement moments have influenced her new collection for Topshop (thankfully the see through dress didn’t make the cut). For example, a lemon one shouldered dress in her new collection is almost exactly like the one which she wore in 2003. Regardless of it being over a decade ago, that yellow dress is still one of her most famous pieces.



With age does come maturity and Kate Moss seems to have given us a much more sophisticated collection in comparison to her first one which entered Topshop several years ago. Moss has been keen to point out that she has done a lot of growing up since then, especially with her recent Olivier Award appearance. She may be trying to appear more sophisticated, but this is Kate Moss after all, she can project glamour and still retain her boho-chic style. Her new collection features a cream lace vest and a ruffled kaftan, showing us that boho-chic will always be a part of her life. It’s not surprising that so many of her new pieces seem familiar as she looked to her own wardrobe for inspiration. And it shines through; from the pieces she has designed due to her love for the Balearic Islands, to a good leather jacket with fringing to give it edge over other leather jackets.


What struck me as most surprising was that Moss has designed multiple cocktail dresses to add to her collection. Her casual image has experienced a definite update and these cocktail dresses certainly bring something else to the collection. The supermodel really can tick all the boxes, she has drawn upon her best wardrobe classics, given them an updated edge (that silk pyjama top is a nod to current trend) and there you have her new collection. Her image will remain fundamentally as the effortless boho-chic, but she has proven she can pull off effortless glamour. And that is why Kate Moss is one of the world’s most favourite supermodels, and now, designers.


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