Roses 2014 Preview: Women’s Rugby

With an unbeaten BUCs season already in the bag, the Black and Gold will be looking for a tricky away win in the Women’s Rugby

The women's rugby firsts are on an unbeaten run this season. Image: Petroc Taylor.

The women’s rugby firsts are on an unbeaten run this season. Image: Petroc Taylor.


Women’s firsts: Saturday 11:30am, Stadium
Women’s Sevens firsts: Friday 2:30pm, Rugby Pitch 2
Women’s Sevens seconds: Friday 1:30pm, Rugby Pitch 2

2013 results:

Women’s Rugby firsts: won 15-5
Women’s Rugby Sevens firsts: lost 35-5
Women’s Rugby Sevens seconds: lost 19-5

Club Captain, Mollie Staples:

1. How have the club performed so far this season?

“The club this year have been incredible. This season we haven’t lost a match, ending on 296 points Goal Difference and winning the league, above second place which only had 99 points GD. This has secured us promotion into Northern 1 League.”

2. What are you expecting from your Roses fixture?

“If it’s anything like last years match, our Roses Fixtures will be hard fought and tense. Last year we beat Lancaster for the first time in three years, so we intend to create a winning streak. However I believe the team have the ability to smash it after such a successful season.”

3. Why should people come and watch your matches?

“People should come to our matches because you won’t see a more competitive or driven York team at Roses this year. Also, our club President will be repping her trade mark “skins” (purple pyjamas).”

Nouse Verdict:

Last year the Women’s rugby firsts played exceptionally well to win despite being setback severely by injuries and having the weight of a two year losing streak at the hands of Lancaster hanging over them. This year, however, after an incredible season, the Women’s rugby team go in as marginal favourites. With the bulk of the team now approaching their peak after recovering from the loss of a few key players from last year, the Black and Gold could well bring home the points. Lancaster are strong, particularly at home, but are beatable. The challenge will be transferring this form to sevens, where York have struggled largely due to the fact that they are a team built for XVs thanks to their strong pack.

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