Q&A with Finn Jones

Finn Jones, aka Loras Tyrell from Game of Thrones, answers questions from

Photo Credit: Curtis Brown

Photo Credit: Curtis Brown

I’d be totally lost if I wasn’t an actor. Maybe I’d choose something in music or charity. Whatever it would be would involve creativity and people, and it would definitely have to allow me to travel and be on the move.

Before acting I worked in bars a lot. I always found it fun. The worst jobs I had tended to get really unbearable when a person of superiority would come in and throw their weight around and get on a power trip. It’s important when I work that it’s ego free and with good people.

I love travelling. I love being in new environments, experiencing new things and I love music. I also have a keen interest in ancient history, current affairs and our planet’s terrifying future.

I don’t really have favourite actors. I guess Matt Damon is really rocking it right now. I admire what he’s doing and the choices he makes. I also strongly support Russell Brand’s output at the moment.

The best thing about being in Game of Thrones is the people. Everyone on the show says that no matter wherever they go, and whatever show or movie they move on to next, it always feels like home when they come back on set. To be involved in something that means so much to everyone is a gift, a once in a lifetime job.

My worst habit is not believing in myself enough. And you know, the usual – booze, sex, drugs.

My advice to students wanting to follow a career in acting is make sure there’s nothing else in the world you would rather do. It takes endurance. Be real with yourself, don’t make compromises. Stay true and positive.

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