TV Review: Endeavour Series 2 Episode 3

This penultimate episode gave a different twist to the usual Sunday night murders. reviews

endeavour ep 3

It was a bit of an “Are You Being Served?” scenario this week for Endeavour with the focus for episode three being the fictional Burridges’ department store. Not that I’m sure the level of strangling’s and stabbings featured would have been tolerated at Grace Brothers.

This week saw pairs of expensive silk stockings become the murder weapon of choice (not sure that will become part of Cluedo any time soon) as married women seemed to be dropping like flies at the hand of an unknown strangler in the north of Oxford.

One of the areas in which Endeavour seems to have succeeded is having all the attributes of a drama set in the 1960’s – with its fabulous sets and nods to the past- but with the ability to look back even further when necessary. This week was no exception with the story Sway looking back to the secret past of D. I. Fred Thursday and his service during the Second World War. It seems Fred had a colourful career stationed in Italy with no small thanks to Luisa Armstrong (Cécile Paoli), an old flame who succeeded in turning Thursday’s world upside down this week on his 25th wedding anniversary. This gave us the chance to see a very different Thursday, one haunted by his war experience and the death of a woman he loved. A tortured soul, one reminiscent of a later Morse perhaps?

As for Morse himself, it seemed that things were looking up this week with no further physical injuries and silver lining in his love life; after nearly squandering his chances with Nurse Monica Hicks after a misunderstanding last week, all looks to be on the mend now. Though knowing this to be the same Endeavour Morse whose future record with women isn’t all that good, one wonders for how long this whirlwind romance may last.

As far as this week’s case was concerned the conclusion was a bit of an odd one; the clues seemed to be all there (centring around the missing ladies stockings no less), a man in custody with a dodgy alibi and then… nope, it wasn’t him. Whilst the ending did seem to make sense once explained it felt almost unsatisfactory. Though I suspect little is ever satisfactory in the world of crime solving, the murderer did seem a little far-fetched. Even more so was Thursday’s suggestion that it had gone past revenge for the murderer, somehow I wasn’t completely convinced.
The final few scenes however came as no real shock, but a more believable ending to the episode perhaps more in tune with the tragic nature of the later Morse that we have become accustomed to. Thursday’s final words on the death as being of “old wounds” proved to be a touching and appropriate moment for the end of the episode.

Next week’s episode; “Neverland”, marks the end of the current series for our favourite detective. Here’s hoping Endeavour ends on a high whilst I try to figure out what I will do with my Sunday evenings.

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  1. Love the series but I was totally distracted in this episode by the poppies. Modern poppies with green plastic stems. In the 1960’s they would have had wire stems. Trivial point perhaps but the modern-day poppies ruined the authenticity.

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