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Ten eggs you’ll be shelling out for this Easter…

With the Easter holidays comes essays, revision and work – you could say that there isn’t much to get excited about. But it is Easter – a valid reason to eat as much chocolate as we like without feeling guilty about it. What’s more, supermarket and shop aisles are full to the brim with chocolate treats to help you through this ‘stressful’ period. To make your Easter egg making decision easier, we’ve reviewed ten of the large selection of Easter eggs on sale this year. So go on treat yourself, or even your loved ones if you’re feeling generous…

For children… Hotel Chocolat Hop egg £7 (egg weight: 90g)

hotel chocolat hop easter eggMost of our younger siblings love chocolate regardless of the time of year, and Easter is no exception. Hotel Chocolat has developed the hop egg, a caramel chocolate egg that comes with milk and dark chocolate bunnies and chicks.

This Easter egg is an adorable alternative to the standard Cadbury Easter eggs that many of us give and receive every year. At £7, it isn’t overly expensive for the quality of the chocolate – good for our student bank balances.

However, as with Hotel Chocolat’s products, this egg is quite a sophisticated gift, and perhaps a little too grown up for some children. Despite its reasonable price tag, you also only get 90g of chocolate.

For something extravagant… Bettys milk chocolate egg with handmade chocolates £35 (egg and chocolates weight: 430g)

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As a student in York, you’ve probably visited or dreamed of a visit to Bettys. The café tearooms is one of England’s most famous, selling beautiful handcrafted goods produced in its Harrogate bakery. For something a little bit special this Easter, Bettys is the answer. This beautiful Easter egg is wrapped in gold foil and made with Swiss milk chocolate, a perfect Easter treat. Inside the egg is a selection of hand made chocolates made in the bakery, including rose and violet creams and vanilla caramel hearts.

A beautiful gift that definitely has the wow factor. The chocolates are a nice luxury touch.

This egg is very pricey, however Bettys do have some beautiful lower priced alternatives on sale.

For white chocolate lovers… Thorntons white chocolate chunky egg £6.99 (egg weight: 320g)


White chocolate Easter eggs are difficult to come across even in the bigger supermarkets, but for all you white chocolate fans, there’s no need to worry. Thorntons has it covered with this white chocolate chunky egg. For an extra personal touch, Thorntons offer the chance to have a message iced on the egg for free.

At £6.99, the price is good for the amount of chocolate and the no extra cost personal touch.

One thing to bear in mind is that the egg comes with no little extras.

For dark chocolate lovers… Green and Black Organic Dark egg £10.99 (egg weight: 365g)

green and blacks dark chocolate easter egg collection

Green & Black are known for their good quality chocolate with rich and intense chocolate flavours. This Easter egg is no exception. 70% cocoa and made from trinitario cocoa beans, this is a luxury dark chocolate Easter egg. The egg also comes with two miniature chocolate bars – dark chocolate with ginger, and dark with burnt toffee.

The miniature chocolate bars are a nice extra touch. As with all of Green and Black’s dark chocolate, the product is suitable for vegetarians and Fairtrade.

At £10, this egg is more expensive than most, but it is worth paying a little bit extra for Green and Black quality.

For vegans… Moo Free vegan bunnycomb egg £4.40 (egg weight: 100g)

moo free bunnycomb easter egg hi res 2

Moo Free has brought out a new version of its bestselling milk chocolate vegan Easter egg this year. This ‘honeycomb’ infused egg is made from organic rice milk chocolate and embedded with crunchy, dairy free honeycomb toffee. It is strictly dairy free and made from a combination of natural, organic and fairtrade ingredients.

This is a great, well-priced vegan Easter egg from Moo Free.

To purchase this Easter egg, you’ll have to go to a specialist health food shop or order it online. Amazon has a good selection.

For reliving childhood memories… Marks and Spencer Colin the Caterpillar egg £6 (egg weight: 245g)

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We all remember blowing out the candles on a Colin the Caterpillar cake at one childhood birthday or another. Marks and Spencer are allowing us to relive those memories with this novelty Easter treat. Colin consists of hollow milk chocolate made from British milk, with white chocolate decoration.

A brilliant novelty Easter egg that isn’t too expensive.

It’s not really an egg by definition, but it’s definitely something a little different.

For something different… Harrods milk chocolate egg with dolly mix £12.95 (egg weight: 200g)

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We associate Harrods with luxury, and this is no different when it comes to Easter eggs. This year, Harrods has devised this milk chocolate egg that comes with dolly mix – perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Sweets and chocolate make this egg something different, and at £12.95, the price is reasonable considering it comes from London’s famed department store.

Quite tricky to get hold of unless you live in London, as it’s only available to purchase in Harrods itself or online.

For something fruity… Chokablok very berry eton mess egg £5 (egg weight: 300g) 

Chokablok Eton Mess Egg 300G

If you can’t wait a few months to eat eton mess, the classic summertime pudding, then this Easter egg is for you. Raspberry flavoured white chocolate is mixed with strawberry and raspberry pieces, and even topped with meringue, an easter egg take on the fruity summer pudding. Chokablok products are exclusive to Tesco, with ice cream, hot chocolate and slabs of chocolate also available. Other flavours include cookie dough and billionaire shortcake.

This is a great price for a cheaper version of a high end product. Chokablok’s eton mess range is a budget version of Hotel Chocolat’s iconic eton mess chocolate products.

It does, however, has a very sweet white chocolate taste but this is offset slightly by the fruitiness of the strawberry and raspberry pieces.

For a bit of fun… Cadbury Easter Egg trail pack £3 (pack weight: 229g)


The truth is, regardless of age, you are never too old for a good old Easter egg hunt around the garden. Cadbury has devised an Easter egg trail pack for us to relive the chocolate of our childhood and go on a little Easter egg hunt. The pack consists of colourful mini milk chocolate hollow eggs to hide, and even a little pack of mini eggs for the winner.

You can’t go wrong with Cadburys chocolate. This trail pack is something a bit different, and great value considering it’s only £3.

There are only 10 small eggs included, so a few packs may be needed if a few people want to get involved.

For something alcoholic… Kinnerton Baileys Easter Egg and truffles £10 (egg weight: 360g)

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If you’re a fan of Baileys or the person you’re buying for is, this Easter egg is a great choice. A milk chocolate egg infused with the classic Bailey’s flavour, the egg comes with a selection of milk, white and dark chocolate Baileys liqueur truffles.

Grab one of only a few branded Easter eggs containing alcohol available.

It isn’t the highest quality chocolate; the egg itself and the truffles taste a bit too sickly sweet. It also doesn’t actually contain a very high percentage of Baileys, so this egg is more for the novelty.

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