Sam Maguire elected YUSU President 2014–2015

Sam Maguire's winning speech

Sam Maguire’s winning speech

The YUSU election results were announced tonight in The Lounge, with Sam ‘Irish’ Maguire taking the position of President.

Maguire won in the seventh round of elections with 1906 votes to Dan Whitmore’s 1390.

The other winning Sabb candidates are George Offer for Academic Officer, Jemima Busby for Welfare Officer, Cass Brown for York Sport President and Chris Wall for Student Activities Officer.

Overall 5318 students voted in the elections.

A full list of candidates will be published in Tuesday’s edition of Nouse. Go to our elections liveblog to see all the action from the night.


  1. 1 Mar ’14 at 12:57 am

    Yours, Disappointed.

    Did he actually win because he’s irish? his campaign and vid was rubbish. probably the same morons who get excited about st. patricks day

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  2. 1 Mar ’14 at 3:09 am

    Jean Paul Sartre

    Not the best deal.

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  3. ‘did he win because he’s Irish?’ Don’t be ridiculous! Did Kallum win because he likes special K? Did George win because his name begins with a G? Of course not!

    In an election with 8 other candidates you need a campaign which people recognise.

    Sam won because he had the best policies, the best track record and because he’s spent the last two weeks on campus, talking to people, winning them over with his policies and personality.

    So give up attacking the man because of the posters he used.

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  4. His posters were super gay though

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  5. What were his policies again?

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  6. Really nice guy. Got the experience of being Langwith pres last year too.

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  7. 3 Mar ’14 at 4:15 pm

    Cameron Strange

    Fair play to the guy, but its hardly like he’s the Derwent Rugby Captain (a.k.a me)

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  8. It is quite clear if you look at the voting turnout as to why he won; majority of voters were from Langwith and voted in order to get someone from their own college elected as president. The whole thing is pretty farcical when you’ve got the college system. The students union here is a bit of a waste of time.

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