Election week countdown

George counts down his top five moments of the YUSU elections 2014

All good things must come to an end. Sadly this Friday will herald the end of YUSU elections 2014. No longer will we get to wade through mounds of posters, signs and leaflets on our way through campus. No longer will we have the pleasure of hearing increasingly ingenious puns of prospective candidate’s names. No longer will we have the pleasure of listening to enthralling and unique speeches from potential YUSU officials in our lectures.

Don’t fear though Nouse readers for all the fun of the elections need not end yet! After having spent literally minutes painstakingly crawling through Facebook I have scrupulously put together a list of my top five favourite moments from YUSU Elections 2014. Enjoy!


1. Dan Whitmore becoming Dan MORE. Not all the election candidates were blessed enough to have such an obvious pun in their name but Dan was and boy he utilised this advantage to its full extent.

2. In a similar but less obvious vein Dylan Chambers becoming Dyl or no Dyl (think Noel Edmunds) was pure genius. This particular gag lead to me misinterpreting statements around campus informing students: “Not to be a banker”, as being part of a campaign to further discredit the financial sector by indignant socialist workers. But still it was a good concept that Dylan masterfully used to his own advantage!

3. The video of Irish Sam filling a shamrock with Irish items (possibly the most Irish sentence I have ever written in my life). After a potentially catastrophic rumour went around Campus that Irish Sam wasn’t actually Irish his campaign team pulled a spectacular PR stunt with this video. It effectively proved once and full that he was Irish and also showed of his creative side.

4. The potential academic officer George spelling his name wrong. This event caused a lot of amusement throughout campus but I for one feel nothing but sympathy for George. As a fellow George and also someone who (as I’m sure this article will show) isn’t that great at speling I can understand how easy it can be to make such a mistake. I mean he only missed out one “G” Dylan missed out the “a” and the “n” from his name in his campaign posters and no one kicked up a fuss about that!

5. The BME candidate Aquib’s election music video. Aquib managed to surpass Irish Sam’s video with his attempt by adding music, singing and dancing. Aquib masterly reworked the lyrics to the late King of Pop’s “Black or White” with lines such as “so if you’re thinking about B-M-E, it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white (or any other colour)”. Surely this video has a shot of at least being nominated for the VMAs 2014?

So there it is my five top moments from Elections 2014. Now get out there and vote!

P.S. The fact that a crab was running for president was also quite cool too.


  1. I see a future David Cameron here!!

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  2. Imma let you finish, but Aquib had one of the best videos of all time

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