YUSU needs surrealism

I saw the YUSU Presidential Elections. What I saw was nine candidates all trying to process the popular vein of anti-establishmentarianism that runs through this university. We’re dissatisfied with the way YUSU works, and it was imperative to ‘address’ this. Maybe we can have a focus group about it.

Indeed, hating the establishment is as much of a thing in the university as it is in the country. An easy way to see UKIP support is that a lot of people up and down the country simply detest formal political discourse. They just want to hear a few words on the BBC that they haven’t heard in a while, like ‘twaddle’ and ‘poppycock’.

Yet what I saw was eight out of nine candidates failing to attract any feeling of anti-establishmentarianism. Even participating in this debate, they seem to have automatically been assimilated into the Illuminati, their glances piercing and lizard-like.

People don’t care, and people don’t care about people who don’t care. Apathetic apathy is our current model of political system. This is why the only candidates who will take us out of our current 21st-century funk are candidates like Jack Coy.

As in, the only way to confront the world of political discourse is to dress like a giant lobster and flail about with mythical mandibles, dancing the glorious dance of the sea.

Nonsense is the most powerful weapon we have. Nonsense is sacred to surrealism. André Breton stated that human language should be governed by unformed dreams, visions and associations with no mediation. André Breton hoped for the day that we would see surrealism finding itself into politics.

Jack Coy is the first visionary of surrealism. If we follow his ideas, soon we will summon the confidence to dress as plankton in Theoretical Physics tutorials, or dress as algae at our father’s weddings. It will be beautiful.


  1. Fuk u Ham Sickford. Surrealism is your ultimate cliche.

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  2. Does not every writer need his own cliché? Isn’t having one’s own “cliché” inherently oxymoronic, since a ‘cliché’ is by nature something repeated by others? Oh Jafe Waker, if only you could understand me, live by me, understand my ways.

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  3. 1 Mar ’14 at 2:02 pm

    I salute you Hickford

    Just rolled off my chair at this above troll put down. Inspired. Good article too.

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