Presidential candidate note: Tom ‘A-C’ Armston-Clarke

Tom Armston-Clarke describes his time running for YUSU president and explains why you should vote for him

Tom AC

I started off as a joke candidate but then decided I seriously wanted it. I wanted to keep the Union president away from over ambitious wannabe Labour fluffers and the radicals. My campaign is simple policies to help the student, no buzz words. You want softer chairs in the library? Ill see what I can do. You think its too hot in there? Ill see if I can turn it down. I won’t promise you a job or any bullshit like that. I hope the electorate will see through ambiguous buzz word filled manifestos of third years who haven’t got a job lined up and gimmicks and flags and vote on policies. They don’t think it be like it is. But it do.

And if that still hasn’t convinced you check out his sixty second manifesto one more time:


  1. “I started off as a joke candidate but then decided I seriously wanted it.” Yawn, you’re no pirate mate.

    Also, the library is not the be all and end all. Can you get by without mentioning it for a while?

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  2. Your ‘average student’? More like the love child of Hitler and Katie Hopkins .

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