Blonde ambition

Going by the name of Blondie Bennett, an unemployed 38 year-old Californian has dedicated her life to becoming a real life Barbie doll. Reaching new extremes by undergoing hypnotherapy in the hopes of becoming brainless like her plastic idol. The former model has endured massive amounts of surgery to help her achieve her look, including five breast enlargements taking her up to a size 32JJ for a cost of £25,000 – all paid for by various ‘sugar daddies’ in exchange for sexy photos.

Blondie’s obsession started as a small child; like most little girls her favourite toy to play with was the beautiful blonde doll that had everything she could ever want – nice clothes, a pink convertible and a hot boyfriend. At 18, after spending her younger teenage years bleaching her hair and even driving a Corvette, Blondie took her obsession to the next level when she was employed at toy stores pretending to be Barbie.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the media in Western culture has played an increasingly significant role in secreting the idea of aesthetic perfection in the minds of young girls (and boys too it must be added) that it almost isn’t surprising that self-esteem amongst teenagers is catastrophically low.

A survey conducted by concluded 58 per cent of university-aged girls feel pressured to be a certain weight and those who consume more mainstream media place a greater important on sexiness and overall appearance than those who consume a lesser amount.

It goes without saying that Blondie is almost definitely one of many women who suffer with body image issues. However, Blondie’s levels of blatant insecurity and obsession has crossed the line now that she is hoping to achieve ‘brainless’ status.

Intelligence alongside a full functioning and working brain is a gift, yet Blondie is still choosing to reduce her brain capacity. Is Blondie aware of how immoral her wish to be ‘brainless’ is? The answer is no, probably not.

Formula One driver Michael Schumacher has recently been put in a medically induced coma as a result of brain injury from a skiing accident nearly two months ago and it is still unknown as to whether he will make a full recovery. Need I mention the millions of people across the world who are illiterate and long for an education, yet here we have a woman living in America with copious amounts of money that she chooses to spend on ‘dumbing herself down’.

One of the worst things about this story is the money she will be receiving from the mass media attention – which no doubt will be spent on more surgeries and perhaps more hypnosis, although she claims it is already working when she got lost for three hours driving to her Mother’s house where she was born.

Almost every little girl at some point wanted to be like her Barbie doll, but none have gone to the extremes Blondie has. Did no-one point out to her Barbie was also a vet, palaeontologist and the President of the United States? Maybe she was brainless to begin with…

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