Wentworth win despite Langwith efforts

Wentworth secured their place as York’s top basketball side for College Varsity, after beating a determined Langwith side 31-24 in the Tent

College Varsity qualifiers final

Images: Fiona Hill

It was good start to the day for Wentworth, as the Postgrads came away as the winners of the College Varsity qualifiers basketball final after a 31-24 victory over a tenacious Langwith side. The pre-match favourites, who had more than double the amount of players that Langwith had (who lacked substitutions) made full use of their advantage.

The first quarter saw a slow start with neither side scoring early on, but Wentworth eventually broke the deadlock scoring the first two points of the afternoon with a neat shot from the right. Wentworth followed this up with another two points as Ohm Kettanurak made a blistering run down the centre of the court with his subsequent shot hitting the mark, earning Wentworth an early lead.

Langwith’s Sam Smith had a couple of three point opportunities but missed them as Kettanurak continued to run riot on the court, making a series of fantastic baskets often by out jumping his opponent by a considerable height. Wentworth dominated the first quarter with Langwith failing to make a single basket, the first quarter finished 14-0 to Wentworth.

Langwith started the second quarter better than the Postgrads with Nicholas Katsafados having a couple of attempts to score, including one three point effort but unfortunately his efforts failed to reap the desired rewards. Kenisha Hanson then added two more points for Wentworth with a nice shot.

Katsafados had an opportunity to score Langwith’s first point from a free throw but missed both his attempts. However, eventually Langwith scored their first two points of the day as Will Oldfield scored on the rebound from Katsafados’ initial shot from the right. Langwith then added their first three points of the day after Smith executed a near perfect long throw which sailed through the hoop.

The second quarter finished 16-7 to Wentworth, who only managed to score two points in the whole quarter in comparison to the fourteen they scored in the first.

The third quarter saw Langwith open the scoring with Katsafados scoring one of his attempts from a free throw. Charles Kamtoh scored Wentworth’s first two points of the quarter, which in general was plagued with both sides missing opportunities to make easy baskets. Smith added three more points for Langwith with another solid long throw but this was followed up quickly with Wentworth scoring a three pointer of their own.

Some good linking play from the whole of the Wentworth team allowed them to bag another two points before Smith added his third three pointer of the day for Langwith. The third quarter finished with Wentworth in the lead at 23-14 with Langwith making a slight resurgence to try and get back into the game.

The fourth quarter however saw Langwith tire, which was predictable considering how few players they had in comparison to Wentworth who continued to make substitutions to keep players fresh. Katsafados scored two points from a free throw with Wentworth shortly afterwards scoring two points from open play, with Katsafados scoring another point from a separate free throw for Langwith just after.

Wentworth added another two points as a result of Cristina Iacobone’s efforts whilst Oldfield bagged another two points for Langwith. Wentworth looked good when attacking with Kai Li making some nice runs and having some good attempts to make a basket.

In addition, Kettanurak was very able in slowing down and controlling the pace of the game for Wentworth. Langwith added another two points as Smith ran down the left on the counter before transferring the ball to Katsafodos on the right who scored. Langwith were now looking to make a comeback but it was ultimately too little, too late.

The final nail in the coffin was the two points secured for Wentworth through Patrick Zhang making a neat basket. The match ended with Wentworth winning 31-24.

Langwith: Hu, Katsafados, Oldfield, Richardson, Smith

Wentworth: Chen, Hanson, Iacobone, Kamtoh, Kettanurak, Kono, Lamani, Li, Notari, Sotirion, Tan, Zhang

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