Wentworth too good for Langwith

College Varsity qualifiers

Image: Petroc Taylor

Image: Petroc Taylor

It was an afternoon to forget for the Langwith volleyball side as they succumbed to a 3-0 loss at the hands of the Postgrads. After a significant delay in the start time of the match the game eventually got underway and it was clear from the first few points that this was to be Wentworth’s day. The first set was Wentworth’s from the start. The team was dominant throughout with all members serving well and linking up with one another to form attacking plays that Langwith couldn’t deal with.

Wentworth looked the more established team stringing together plays at ease whilst Langwith put up a good fight, looking to claim the odd point from forcing Wentworth into committing errors. Richard Rhodes was particularly effective for Wentworth, spiking the ball over the net and right into the heart of the Langwith team. The set finished 25-7 to Wentworth. The second set was played in a similar vein, Langwith again were on the back foot throughout the set as Wentworth players such as Maxine Pelletior and Felipo Cortesi piled on the pressure with some good spikes and volleys.

When Langwith did get the chance to serve they rarely managed to hold on to the serve often failing to set one another up for an opportunity to spike the ball, thus allowing Wentworth to recover and in turn attack Langwith back. In the end, the second set finished 25-5 to Wentworth.

The third set like the previous two was all Wentworth once again. Anna Dimitropolous served very well for the Postgrads in the opening stages of the set, helping them to win several points. Whilst Seb Booth, Kenisha Hanson and Marcelo Kern all contributed to Wentworth’s overall victory whether it be through their own service or through play at the net. Langwith however did put up a fight and put on some courageous defending in a bid to keep Wentworth at bay. The four Langwith girls of Ruby Callister, Millie Reed, Cat Santini and Symone Thompson pulled out the stops and managed to help their side win a couple of points in the final set.

The only male member of the Langwith team, Tom Benney, entertained the spectators with some great diving attempts to prevent Wentworth from scoring points, but ultimately his efforts weren’t enough to prevent the inevitable. Despite Langwith’s best efforts they were well and truly outplayed by the pre-match favourites. Wentworth won the final set 25-6, consequently winning the match 3-0.

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