Societies deserve better

When it comes to looking back on our time at University. it will not be the bleary eyed 9 am seminars or the week long coffee fueled exam hazes that receive the rose tinted treatment. University, for many, is defined by the people we meet and the experience we gain. Societies are a huge and vibrant part of University life, catering to everyone, from the bondage enthusiasts of FetSoc to the aspiring knights of the Medieval Society. We are tremendously lucky here at York to have such a wide array of societies to choose from and such a high number of enthusiastic and talented people running the,. It is these people who need support from our Union to enable them to continue running their societies to such a high standard, support which is clearly lacking. With poor publicity, a lack of communication and an absolute shambles of a Refreshers Fair it is hardly surprising that membership levels have dropped. Go to the Drama Barn on a Friday night, see for yourself the talented actors and directors that we are capable of producing. Within this newspaper, or even within the pages of our ‘friendly rivals’, you can see huge amounts of dedication and hard work. Societies nurture and develop individual skill and those who run them work incredibly hard. Unfortunately YUSU aren’t exactly making it easy for us.

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