Langwith campaign for common room

Langwith are currently the only college without a common room of their own

Credit: University of York

Credit: University of York

Langwith College have launched a campaign calling for a dedicated common room for its students.

Currently Langwith is the only college without its own common room. Without a convenient space to hold meetings and socials the college are often forced to use Goodricke space and the Law and Management building.

Olivia Batty, Langwith Press and Publicity Officer, emphasised the unused space available on Hes East, with “large bikesheds and bin areas going unused”.

She added: “It is unfortunate to see so much money going into expanding the University with Constantine whilst there are missing facilities in an existing college.”

According to Batty, Academic Registrar Kate Dodd and Deputy Vice Chancellor Jane Grenville have said that they have no objection “in principle” to a common room.

However, Batty adds, “Nothing has been done or planned in concrete to sort it out. We believe the process to be stuck in university bureaucracy.”

Symone Thomson, Langwith Chair, told Nouse: “The great success we’ve had with our events, in particular free food Thursdays, means that now more than ever we are desperate for new space.

“This year sees the arrival of Constantine who have been rumoured to have three common rooms while Langwith has been left untouched. YUSU and the University should look after their own before helping someone else.”

“We are currently collaborating with all the staff and students in our college and intend to keep going forward with our campaign until we get what we want.”

A first year Langwith student commented on the lack of common room, saying: “The thing I think Langwith really needs is more close study areas. It would be really nice to have a few quiet study rooms on Hes East”.

Kallum Taylor, YUSU President, expressed his support for Langwith’s cause, saying “We’ve always been, and still are, completely in agreement with the will of the Langwith CSA. The Glass House bar was actually intended to be a common room until late in the day, and the plan has always been to hand it ‘back’ once Heslington East could support a proper, purpose built bar and event space.

“The college needs its own common room/nucleus and we’ll be doing what we can to ensure that this and many other urgent requirements for Heslington East [are met].”

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  1. 13 Feb ’14 at 6:15 pm

    Deng Xiaopeng

    Communal Room good way to find path to long march of communism

    First collective farm in Great Leap Forward called Sputnik, maybe name would be good for here.

    Whatever decision on name make by the leaders of the high roadsters stay strong and tide of humanity will bring revolution to York.

    Peace out and blame Japan

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