It’s all gone Ron …

Spare a thought for Harry’s downtrodden sidekick this Valentines Day

Kate Mitchell

Kate Mitchell

Anyone feeling unhappy about the prospect of a lonely Valentine’s Day should spare a quick thought for Ron Weasley. The last few years have been far from easy for the most famous side kick of modern literature. If finding out that the person who brought him into this world wished she had killed him wasn’t bad enough, the 21st century’s great tragic hero has just received some more devastating news.

After ten years of marriage, and two children, he has just found out that the love of his life would actually be happier with his famous best friend. Yes, Hermione would be better off with Harry, if only he would stop sleeping with Ron’s little sister that is. Bloody hell indeed.

Many fans have been angry with J.K Rowling for the revelation. Ron really did not have it easy during his six years at Hogwarts.

Yes, Harry may have had his parents murdered by the most evil wizard of the age, and people may have tried to kill him throughout his school life, but at least he got invited to the Slug club. Not receiving entry to Hogwarts version of the Bullingdon club was sadly far from the only time Ron found himself surpassed by his best friend.

Right from the beginning poor Ron had to suffer embarrassments such as turning up to school with his infamous hand me down robes and a fat rat, which was actually only with him to kill Harry, and being rejected by the Triwizard selection process, which was once again used to attempt to kill Harry. Having a best friend who has people constantly trying to murder them would be horrendous.

You can imagine the pain of walking into Salvation and having a large number of the opposite sex attempt to chat you up, only to find out that they are only talking to you in an attempt to savagely kill your best friend. No one’s self-esteem needs that.

And that’s why so many of us rejoiced when after about seventeen years of coming second to just about everyone and everything, Ron landed the girl he had probably fancied since she told him he had a dirty nose.After what appeared to be years of sexual tension the duo finally kissed after severing a fraction of Voldemorts soul with a Basilisk fang. While naturally killing fractions of people would put anyone in the mood, it is still important to realise that kissing someone in the wizarding world will most likely lead to you being stuck with them for the rest of your life. With nearly every eligible wizard and witch attending the same school playing the field isn’t really an option.

With Hermione being aware of this fact, and being experienced in the magical dating game after kissing Krum when she was fifteen, it has to be asked why she would go there with Ron if she liked Harry. Well, like JK Rowling at a time, and many critics, she probably just thought that Ron would be killed off and she would be able to end up with Harry in their joint loneliness.

This may seem cruel but she does have to be admired for her playing of the long game in getting to Harry through his best friend. While many girls attempt to make their crush jealous by slurring “kiss me” to any male in the vicinity, Hermione put’s in seven years of tough graft. It can’t have been easy for the girl, and we can now understand her panic when Ron asks her to come with him after falling out with Harry. “I can’t go, we said we would help him kill Horcruxes.” A likely story Hermione.

So no matter how abysmal life may get, things could always be worse. But if you really do find yourself excruciatingly lonely, you can always join Hogwarts’ unluckiest man, who was last seen stumbling around The Three Broomsticks in a maroon jumper muttering the words “I’ll give him a f*cking scar” to anyone who cared. Which for Ron Weasley wasn’t anyone at all.


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