Alcuin narrowly beat Derwent

College Varsity qualifiers

Image: Petroc Taylor

Image: Petroc Taylor

Derwent were left disappointed today after being defeated by a numerically superior Alcuin volleyball side 3 sets to 0. Taking to the court for the first set Derwent looked somewhat understrength initially fielding only four players against Alcuin’s full complement of six with two subs.Despite this Derwent kicked off proceedings with a clean shot proving numbers don’t count for everything. Two sides remained evenly matched for a majority of the set with Derwent even recruiting a new player mid set.

This couldn’t stop Alcuin eventually gaining the edge however.Alcuin’s pressure continued to mount with their score gradually increasing as Derwent started to stagnate. With Alcuin now drawing dangerously close to match point the Derwent team where able to claw back a few points but ultimately the lead was too great for them to assail and the set finished a convincing Alcuin 25 – 15 Derwent.

The beginning of the second set mirrored that of the first with Derwent taking an early lead over the match leaders. As the set continued the two teams once again appeared to be evenly matched with powerful shots and well executed volleys being executed by both teams. Frustratingly for the hopeful Derwent side Alcuin were able to once again wear them down resulting in the scores once again creeping in their favour.

Alcuin sensing the set was within their grasp continued to pile on the pressure. Mirroring the previous set Derwent did manage to once again make another push towards the end of the set managing to claw back several more points than they had done previously. Alcuin’s lead proved to be once again unassailable however and the set ended Alcuin 25 – 17 Derwent.

Now trailing by two sets Derwent returned for the third set hoping to get themselves back into the running. Following their previous form from the previous set they once again managed to convert the first point giving them hope they could carry the match into further sets. Derwent giving it their all managed to match Alcuin almost point for point throughout the entire set.

Sadly for the resurgent Derwent team the lack of subs seemed to take its toll as fatigue set in and Alcuin managed to edge ahead and score their final required point. The final set ended at a respectable Derwent 22 – 25 Alcuin leaving the Derwent side disappointed but still encouraged to have put on such a show despite their depleted numbers.

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