Album Review: Katy B – Little Red

tells us exactly why Katy B’s new record is a must-listen

little red

Katy B, formerly known as Baby Katy, has put herself back on the radar with the impending release of ‘Little Red’, the long-awaited follow up from her successful ‘On a Mission’. This BRIT school graduate has come an extraordinarily long way since her debut single ‘Katy On a Mission’ in 2010 which reached fifth place on the UK singles chart.

‘Little Red’ is a euphoric tangle of deep house, pop and dance, stimulating your inner party-animal. Obtaining its title from Kathleen’s childhood nickname attributed to her ginger locks, ‘Little Red’ incorporates a tremendous club-dance influence. Sticking to her underground Hackney roots, Katy B employed Geeneus, her original Rinse FM producer, to create a record not just for an audience of party-goers, but one that stems from her personal clubbing history. Katy B has evolved this album to move away from harsher dubstep sounds towards smoother, neo-soul sounding synthesisers, however LR will inevitably be heard blasting out of Tokyo.

The pre-released ‘5AM’ has already achieved a modestly successful 14th place in the UK singles chart. This after-party anthem integrates her clubbing history; she can’t stop dancing, lusts after boys and loses her friends. “I need somebody to calm me down, a little loving like Valium” ultimately shows her alcohol-drug related desire stemming from a night out on the town. Though the lyrics are basic, they are extremely catchy and that certainly sells.

Beginning the album is the ‘Next Thing’, a generic bass-pumping anthem, surely to be overplayed in numerous clubs. Katy B confidently shows us that “We are the creators and the troublemakers” intertwined with pulsating beats. Jessie Ware makes a guest appearance in ‘Aaliyah’ during which both artists resonate an argument over a DJ, both battling for his affections. This track sounds suspiciously similar to ‘What love is made of’, originally pinned for release in LR, however was dropped at a later date. ‘Emotions’ is a lovesick ballad, distinctively different to captivating house beats found earlier. This track starts delicately softly and then slowly builds to an expressive yet confrontational drum and bass peak. Katy B pours out her soul with effervescent passion, crying out to “Fill me with emotion”; a drastic change to Valium.

Generally speaking Katy B has done a superb job with the much awaited ‘Little Red’, though it may appear to be monotonous at times, with similar sounding club anthems, this deep-house-dance mix is highly anticipated to rank highly in future charts. Keep an eye on Katy B; she’ll continue to make club-fuelled statements for years to come.

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