Candidates for 2014 YUSU elections announced

Candidates have been announced for all the full and part time roles, with 9 candidates standing for President

The candidate list for the 2014 YUSU Elections has been announced.

Campaigning will begin Monday week 7, with the Full-Time Officer’s Debate on Monday 17 February, hosted by Chancellor Greg Dyke. The Part-Time Officer’s hustings will be on Friday 21 February.

Nouse will be bringing you updates on all the latest election news and analysis on our elections mini-site.

Voting opens on Monday week 8.

The full candidate list is as follows:

Andy Lake
Dan Whitmore
Daniel Nolan
Dylan Chambers
Fred Isaac
Jack Coy
Josie Field
Sam ‘Irish’ Maguire
Tom ‘A-C’ Armston-Clarke

Academic Officer
George Offer
Josh Henning
Robyn Haycock

Student Activities Officer
Bev Rogers
Chris Wall
Harriet Gibson

Welfare & Community Officer
Beth Campbell
Grace Winpenny
Jemima Busby

York Sport President
Cassandra Brown
Dave Washington

BME Officer
Aquib Hussain
Neil Dhayatker and John Olatunji

Disabled Students’ Officer
Thomas Ron

Environment & Ethics Officer
Oliver Duguid and Charles Pottle
Stefan Gillott
Wesley Parkinson

International Officer
Aashna Sehgal
Gareth Tan Guang Ming

Mature Students’ Officer
Victoria Gladwin and Craig Hodgkinson

LGBTQ Officer
Amber Fang and Chloe Han
Madeline Boden

RAG Officer
Anand Goyal
Sarah Roughton and Georgia Paton

Volunteering Officer
Harriet Page and Ollie Rowley
Ritika Gandhi

Women’s Officer
Peggy Lockwood-Lord and Emily Inglis

NUS Delegate
Beth Curtis
Dan Whitmore
George Offer
Jack Chadwick
Lloyd Wallis
William Hornett

Policy Coordinator
Gary Fawdrey
Liam O’Brien

Senate Rep
Ananna Zaman
Sean Pullen
Stephen Harper
Thomas Clark

Student Trustee
Daisy Hale
Harry Toynton
Jamie Chatfield


  1. Greg Dyke is the current Chancellor, not a former VC. Come on Nouse!

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  2. Changed now, sorry about that!

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  3. 10 Feb ’14 at 4:14 pm



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  4. Loving the URL Anwen!

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  5. Tom A-C for YUSU Prez. We love him, innit.

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  6. 10 Feb ’14 at 7:09 pm

    Academic Officer post

    Good to see Nick Hall trending.

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  7. 10 Feb ’14 at 7:14 pm

    A Girl for YUSU Pres

    Given that the incumbent has made it even more of a cult of personality tham before (its not just ego, he’s been really ineffective).

    Its sad to see that given the relative lack of attention given to the other posts, only one woman is standing for YUSU Pres in a field of nine.

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  8. 10 Feb ’14 at 7:43 pm

    Cameron Strange

    Vote for me, I’m Derwent Rugby Captain

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  9. People always complain about not having a female president in so many years, yet hardly anyone enters the race. Don’t buy a ticket you don’t win the lottery.

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  10. 10 Feb ’14 at 9:02 pm

    The other dimbleby

    No Jason Rose?

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  11. Daniel Whitmore was probably one of the worst academic officers I’ve ever seen during my time at York. Imagine what he’d be like as president.


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  12. 10 Feb ’14 at 11:00 pm

    voice of reason

    yesss JOSIE 4 PREZ.

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  13. Tara Annison for prez next year!!!

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  14. Without sounding biased towards any candidate but what has Dan Whitmore actually achieved in terms of academic officer? Cass and George seem to have done a job well done and deserve the opportunity for re-election but Dan…

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  15. AC? Eugh.

    Thank fuck I’m graduating this year.

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  16. 17 Feb ’14 at 4:33 pm

    Please, no. Just no.

    If Tom A-C or Andy Lake, people pretty well known for being gigantic assholes, win the election than I will vomit. In envelopes. Which I will then sign and address to the new YUSU pres.

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  17. 25 Feb ’14 at 1:22 pm

    Smiling Politely

    Josie is by far the most grounded candidate running for prez, her campaign is sensible and thought-through…refreshing when compared to her egotistical competitors.

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